The Top 5 Trends Currently Developing in Website Design

March 28, 2017

Unless you're a professional website designer, it can be a bit of a headache to stay on top of all the various design changes and advances that seem to be popping up on a daily basis.

But as a professional, you know it's critical to keep your website user-friendly and interesting.

As 2017 progresses, there are a number of new website design trends that are beginning to emerge. Here are the latest and greatest in developments that will help you increase your traffic and reach your conversion goals.

Responsive Designs First

In today's mobile-dependent world, it's more important than ever to have a responsive website. While mobile users might not know what goes into making a website design responsive, they certainly have come to expect one. Non-responsive designs make it much more difficult for users to find the information they're looking for quickly, and as a result, they'll look elsewhere.

Essentially, having a responsive website that looks identical across all devices is the most effective approach. Many companies fell into the habit of creating desktop versus mobile websites, which meant that the mobile website had a completely different look and feel than the desktop site. If users were familiar with the desktop site, there was a good chance they'd get frustrated with the lack of consistency in the mobile version and leave the site altogether.

Keep a unified look, no matter which device users are on. Visitors love that feeling of consistency and will be happier if they know exactly where to go to find the information that interests them.

Semi-flat Designs Are In

Before you start comparing paint samples, let us explain what semi-flat means in terms of a website. When a website has a semi-flat design, it makes the features on the page look like they are all on one surface. This is a very popular approach for the bing digital web design agency because it provides a clear, concise view for the visitors. In fact, it can even help with transitions, as it appears to be a consistent, unified look.

Though a semi-flat design can be tough to get right the first time, it's a critical aspect of your website. When it's done correctly, it helps users subconsciously understand the flow of the website and will give them a better understanding of the direction and cues of the site.

The end result? An instinctual visit throughout the entire website. Can you imagine the possibilities this could open up for your business?

When flat designs were pretty big a few years ago, they ran into their fair share of problems. They weren't able to really attract visitors to the site because they couldn't create a personalized experience. This happened because the text and images were flat without any kind of shading or separation. Windows 8 Usability Tests, conducted by the Nielsen Norma Group, found that it confused a lot of visitors because they weren't sure where they were supposed to click to get through the site.

That's where semi-flat designs take the cake. They retain flat design aspects while removing those challenges. Plus, this style is becoming increasingly popular with both Apple and Android software releases, so most users are familiar with this look.

Simple Yet Interactive

Even more than in past years, it's all about the mobile experience. More people look at their cell phones for information than their computers nowadays, so it's critical to give them exactly what they're looking for without sacrificing anything on your end. For most, a minimalist design is the best, most user-friendly design you can get.

A minimalist design means that the web pages are clean and free of information that is not useful to the reader. Combining this with a semi-flat design, you're going to do wonders for your website. It will make your user's experience even better because it keeps their attention -- no matter how short of a span it might be. It also satisfies that need for instant gratification right off the bat.

Most companies deal with the challenge of having way too much content on a page. It's time to cut out that bad habit. People want faster interactions with their mobile applications, so if they have to weed through tons of information, they're going to give up fast.

Parallax Scrolling

Parallax scrolling, which is when various parts of a webpage move at different speeds as you scroll, is not a brand new concept. However, if you're taking advantage of this feature and you really know how to use it, there's no doubt that you're reaping all kinds of benefits.

So what's a way you can use this imaginatively? Apply it to your storytelling and collaborative assessments. Each one of these will get the user involved on a deeper level. As a user, you've likely experienced a website or two that has fantastic parallax scrolling - one where the images and texts are nice and structured, but fold on top of each other the further down you go on the page. It's professional and concise looking.

It also helps the user. Parallax scrolling allows the visitor to have a one-touch-moves all experience. Not only does this get them interested, but it also tells a progressive story the further they go. The key here is, of course, to keep this experience the same regardless of the device. It'll help them have a better experience as they learn more about your company and the services you provide.

Solid Typography

Is it just us, or is there a new font being invented everyday? When computers and websites first came around, there were only a handful of fonts to pick from. Nowadays, there are hundreds of fonts you can add into your website design.

One of the latest trends with typography is blending fonts that look uniform and stunning together on one page. This can work with different fonts or different sizes. Just make sure that it reflects your brand, your product, and your company effectively.

Try incorporating bold colors with different fonts for your website. You can use a certain font for a short text description and then switch to another font for a tag line, for example. It's also a perfect solution if you want to draw extra attention to a call to action, like "click here" or "learn more."

Keeping up with trends, no matter what industry you're in, can be a challenge. But it's critical for your company to stay involved with the latest and greatest in all developments. Insivia can help you along the way. With your user's needs in mind, we will help you succeed in showcasing your marketing message on your website. You'll see a boost in leads and conversions, as well as a more appealing and useful resource for your viewers.

So ask yourself: Is your website design user-friendly? Is it going to get enough clicks and attention? Are your visitors likely to share it with their friends and family? If you're concerned about the answer to any of these questions, contact us today to help you navigate your marketing strategy so you can get back to focusing on all of the other important aspects of running your business.

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