SaaS Screenshots & Product Tours for Conversion

October 6, 2019

Prospects want to be able see and feel a product before buying it and software is no different.

For software, our goal should be to provide an experience that allows visitors to virtually touch and try on our product before they convert.

Even before a demo or free-trial, a visitor expects to see enough of a product to feel confident in their decision to even try it.

This is where quality screen shots and product tours come in. They are just one of the many tactics leveraged to increase confidence of visitors which in turn increases conversion.

In episode 6 of our SaaS Growth Weekly Show, we explored tips around using screens and product tours.

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This simple truism can cause a lot of headaches for software companies: software, in particular, is a product that is often complex or has a bit of a learning curve for the average person to fully utilize. This makes it more difficult for a software company’s marketing and sales departments to educate and convert potential customers.


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