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5 Best Channels to Market Your Device Company

Article in Agile Marketing

With the world of technology snowballing, it’s no wonder that new competitors emerge for your business every day. The world of devices has a boatload of competitors; therefore, acquiring your desired share in the market is now a more challenging task than ever. However, it doesn’t have to be. Use these five best channels to […]

How Technology Companies Can Leverage Focused Niche Markets

Article in Agile Marketing

As the world is advancing more and more towards technology, technology companies are finding it harder to survive in the market. The market is so competitive that technology companies are at each other’s throats all the time for survival. It’s all about ‘survival of the fittest. To make sure your IT firm is the ‘fittest’, […]

Driving ROI from Analytics

Article in Agile Marketing

Analytics is challenging with an incredible amount of data, new features, and no clear way to understand what it means. That’s why we are hosting a workshop at the Insivia offices August 18, 2017 from 12:00(noon) – 1:30. Here, you’ll learn everything you need to know about Google Analytics including: What Google Analytics is and […]

Tips for Interpreting Analytics Data

Article in Market Research

Having a wealth of data at your fingertips is never a bad thing, but it’s a good idea to be cautious when interpreting it. Sometimes the data can actually be misleading. The Trouble with Bounce Rate As Andy mentions in the video, bounce rate is a metric that has to be looked at in context. […]

Custom Analytics Dashboards

Article in Agile Marketing

There is an overwhelming amount of data in analytics, so Google has made it possible to create custom dashboards so you don’t have to thumb through a ton of irrelevant information. You can create multiple dashboards for different roles or departments. We’ll walk through creating a dashboard called “content marketing” step-by-step. Getting Started In the […]

Managing KPIs with Analytics

Article in Agile Marketing

Key Performance IndicatorsLast week we provided an introduction to some of the basics of Google Analytics. This week we’re going to dig a little deeper, and we’ll start with key performance indicators, or KPIs. KPIs are core actions or metrics that you can establish that have a profound impact on your business. They are broken […]

An Analytics Primer

Article in Agile Marketing

Analytics can be very intimidating. There is so much information that its far too easy to get lost in a a sea of numbers and charts, but once you get past the relatively steep leaning curve, you will discover that it is an incredible asset to your business. Analytics can tell you where your web […]

How Can Manufacturers Get the Right Customers?

Article in Market Research

For Manufacturers it can be a struggle to capture the right customers. In this insivia insight Andy shares a few tips to make this process a success. Did you like this insight? Make sure you stay connected to our Facebook & Twitter to receive our most recent news & updates!

The Importance of Surveying your Clients

Article in Market Research

Today, Rick talks about a tool that can help you build a better sales process and put you in a better position to close sales in the future. One thing I wanted to talk to you about today, is not specifically a sales tool, but it’s something you can do and integrate into your business […]

The Basics of Analyzing Your Audience

Article in Growth Strategy

As audience analysis month draws to a close, Rick goes over the basics to make sure we understand the goals and importance of taking time to analyze your audience. It’s audience analysis month here at Insivia, so lets go over some of the basics and make sure you understand the importance of analyzing your audience. […]

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