Retention requires a diverse set of disciplines. 

There are many factors to why users churn. We don't just focus on one area and instead take a holistic view.

All aspects of retention also revolve around capturing the right data, feedback, and testing with the ability to interpret and translate into actionable strategies for improvement.

Pricing Strategy

Business Model

Product Features

User Experience

Customer Support


User Communications

Behavior Prediction

David Lecko, CEO

"They’re just really talented and they have vast experience in many different domains."

"Our churn has moved from 15% down to 10%, which is the lowest it has ever been. For us, that’s a savings of about $35,000 per month."

"Definitely work with Insivia ... because when we’ve made those based on their recommendations, it has paid off."

Our Structured Program & Retention Philosophy

We believe a consistent, organized, and best-practice based program can significantly improve retention and SaaS growth trajectory.

Our monthly "ACL10" meeting is focused on discovering, prioritizing, assigning, and holding people accountable to retention tactics and activities.

What does a meeting look like?

We get the team thinking and ready to communicate.


Discuss key metrics, leading indicators and the critical path.


Clarify progress, roadblocks, and next steps for initiatives.


Identify new issues, prioritize, discuss, create action plans, and assign accountability.


We ensure clarity and next steps while measuring effectiveness.

Combined with our Retention Dashboard, you become a lean, mean churn reducing machine.

The Retention Dashboard

Our structured program is supported by a central document to keep information, tactics, and accountability in one place.

A simple, yet effective approach to collaborative retention is our dashboard. Everyone has access to a proven tool to help move retention initiatives forward.

What's included in the dashboard?

KPI INTERPRETER: Pull key data from analytics platforms and outline interpretations.

ACL PIPELINE: Keep track of non-prioritized items for regular review.

ACL ISSUES: Define, assign, and prioritize tactics.

ACL INITATIVES: Organize long-term strategies and objectives.

By The Way, ACL10 represents
Average Customer Life 10x Growth

A structured, dedicated, and consistent approach to retaining users and revenue to increase the value of every single new user acquisition.

Watch Our SaaS Retention Show

Andy & Tony talk about tips and strategies to increase retention and decrease churn rates.

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