Churn is avoidable when you strategically evaluate the reasons for user loss.

You have the power to change functionality, value of outcomes, customer fit, user experience, service, price and more.


  • Need
  • State of The Business

Churn will happen and often a change in your customer's business strategy or finances can impact their retention.


  • User Experience
  • Customer Service
  • Functionality
  • Value / Price-To-Value
  • Customer Fit

Churn can be mitigated through focused attention on key aspects that can be optimized.

Retention and the reduction of churn requires a diverse set of disciplines. 

There are many factors to why users churn. We don't just focus on one area and instead take a holistic view.

All aspects of retention also revolve around capturing the right data, feedback, and testing with the ability to interpret and translate into actionable strategies for improvement.

Define the right business model and pricing strategy to influence user acquisition, platform engagement, and retention.

Develop an amazing onboarding process and user experience to get user to value quickly and build stickiness.

Implement smarter user communications and customer support to ensure engagement and happiness for retention.

Leverage the right analytics data and behavior prediction to identify issues and opportunities for improvement.

The leading causes of churn are solved with best practices, testing and smart strategy. 

Poor onboarding is the number one reason for churn.

Onboarding can last minutes or weeks. The key is from the moment that a prospect signs up that there is a streamlined process to get them to a valuable outcome.

Weak customer relationships and communication is #2.

How you communicate and build rapport with a customer can impact churn significantly. A user experience map should look to exceed physical and emotional expectations throughout their journey.

Poor customer service is #3.

Users need support whether that is documentation, chat, product tours or phone representatives. If there is limited or bad service, churn will be high.

Difficult user experience and poor user interface design come in at #4.

User experience can impact many of the other reasons on this list - a bad experience makes it hard to get value and can increase frustration as well as reduce confidence early on.

Ignoring customer complaints is also a huge issue.

An extension of bad customer service is when companies completely ignore their customers feedback.

Pricing, package structure, and attracting the wrong customer fit are also a massive cause for churn.

Marketing that does not understand the best customer may get sign-ups, but user acquisition costs are wasted on prospects who will never become long-term customers.

David Lecko, CEO

"They’re just really talented and they have vast experience in many different domains."

"Our churn has moved from 15% down to 10%, which is the lowest it has ever been. For us, that’s a savings of about $35,000 per month."

"Definitely work with Insivia ... because when we’ve made those based on their recommendations, it has paid off."

Our Structured Program & Retention Philosophy

Our monthly "ACL10" meeting is focused on discovering, prioritizing, assigning, and holding people accountable to retention tactics and activities.

We believe a consistent, organized, and best-practice based program can significantly improve retention and SaaS growth trajectory.

The Retention Dashboard

Our structured program is supported by a central document to keep information, tactics, and accountability in one place.

A simple, yet effective approach to collaborative retention is our dashboard. Everyone has access to a proven tool to help move retention initiatives forward.

Watch Our SaaS Retention Show

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