AWARENESS Early buying cycle or unaware.
PURCHASE Deep in the buying cycle.
EMOTIONAL To impact feelings & impressions.
RATIONAL To influence logic & decision making.
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Content impacts search optimization.

One of the most powerful uses of great content is for SEO.

Traffic and prospects from search are so valuable because they are people with a problem or need looking for a solution.

Content is truly the foundation of ranking higher in search engines. Not just quality and length but also the variety of content and media you leverage will influence results.

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Tony Zayas

Vp, Growth


Why SaaS companies need content marketing.

Every software company know that driving new visitors and converting them into trials or users is imperative to growth.

Content marketing for SaaS companies is a key tactic that must be execute not just consistently, but also at a high-level of quality to acheive results.

Software companies can drive high volumes of traffic via search for terms that have buying intent. The right content creation and marketing can ensure acheiving those high ranks.

SaaS companies should always focus on quality over quantity as ranking signals are often more about the substance than just the existence of content.

Once great content is created to drive demos and trials, it must be distributed via social media and email as well as utilized in nurture campaigns to convert free users into paid ones.

Content powers social media.

Social is all about creating built in audiences for you to nurture.

At its core, social media is the networking of individuals and companies allowing them to communicate and engage with each other.

Your content and media are instantly exposed to your built audiences on social and then take on a life of their own when shared across the network.

The possibility to reach key audiences to build confidence and elicit conversion is unlimited in social.

eMail marketing is all about the content.

Whether cold blasts, nurture sequences or retention communications, email requires good content.

eMail remains a powerful strategy for organizations to both reach new customers as well as build or maintain relationships with current customers.

At the center of email strategies is compelling content that entices people to open, click and move through the funnel.

Web conversions rely on great content.

The primary goal of any website is to get visitors to take action. Content is one of several key pieces to the conversion puzzle.

The content of a website must be comprehensible, build confidence and entice visitors to want to take action.

Great web content should match resonate with visitors whether they want to be educated, entertained or informed. The right structure and flow as well as the right words will influence conversion.

Sales leverages content to drive revenue.

Closing deals in tech and upselling users in SaaS is supported by powerful content that validates and convinces. 

Whether a sales person trying to work a prospect through the funnel or a user on a free version deciding if they should buy, content helps close the sale.

Sales teams have information to support each step in their process and marketing teams have tools to use that drive people towards their goals.

Powerful Video + Animation.

Corporate Videos

Use real authentic people in your organization or clients to share about your solutions, culture, processes, facilities or anything that will convince your audience.

Video Blogging

Content Marketing doesn’t have to be a chore. Producing regular engaging content that kills on search engines can be done in a couple hours each quarter.

Explainer Videos

Tell a story with animated characters or elements – a new software, your company’s history, a process or anything can be explained better in animation.

Animated Infographics

Want to explain your process or unique aspects of your industry, animated infographics can turn data and complex topics into easily comprehensible subjects.

Animated Screens

For software products, animated screens can help sell the product or provide tools for training to help onboard a new customer.

Sky’s The Limit

With the combination of video, green screen, animation, mobile devices and the web, there is no limit to the possibilities of what can be done with media.

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65% of executives watch videos on a company's website and 39% call after viewing that video - according to Forbes.

Watch our stats video or check out our article on the 50 Must-Know Stats About Video Marketing 2016.

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