B2B SaaS

B2B SaaS companies develop software-as-a-service for businesses.

There are many points you should learn to thrive in this area. Read our articles and gain insight about B2B SaaS strategies and tactics.

SaaS Sales Funnel

The SaaS Sales Funnel See how to build a funnel for maximum growth. Scroll to explore the SaaS Customer Journey from prospect to evangelist and see how to improve topline revenue through acquisition and retention.   The SaaS Customer Journey Should Be Focused on Lifetime Value ( LTV ) True growth requires acquisition, as well […]

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SaaS Trends and Stats You Must Know in 2022

SaaS in 2022 will be a year of growth and innovation with heavy focus on the customer experience. With the impact of COVID-19 on every area of business and consumer needs changing, the SaaS industry underwent radical but essential change throughout 2020 and 2021To succeed, companies needed digitization and more flexibility in their solutions. As […]

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How to Determine a Test Pricing Strategy for Your SaaS Product

SaaS pricing changes as a company grows and matures. Research states that 98% of SaaS businesses have shown positive results as an outcome of changing core aspects of their pricing policies.2022 is the year for your business to revisit your pricing. Due to a growing market, difficult competition, and the fast-paced industry, many SaaS companies […]

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5 Ways SaaS Companies Can Use Feature Announcements to Gain Search Rankings

So you’ve built an amazing product. Or you’ve updated a product to address key user needs. Or you’ve worked months to add unique functionality that your user base has been asking for.Now it’s time to spread the word.Successful feature announcements: Provide a unique opportunity to refresh old content, create new content, and capture more qualified leads […]

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Designing SaaS Pricing Pages that Convert

When potential customers are gauging the value of your software, one of the first things they will consider is the price of what you are offering.While your product is an integral part of the consideration, budgetary constraints and financial decision-making govern much of the buying decision process. One solution that many SaaS businesses opt for […]

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Successful B2B SaaS Product Launch

When you’ve finally finished development and created a SaaS product you are proud of, the next phase is to release your product to prospective customers.This is hardly as easy as opening the doors to the storefront and welcoming customers.In the SaaS industry, you must find a way to digitally bring people to your products since […]

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SaaS Product Demos That Sell

The Software as a Service (SaaS) industry is reliant on businesses being able to sell customers something that isn’t tangible. Whether for B2B or B2C companies, the challenge in the SaaS industry is finding a way to convince prospective customers to purchase something that they can’t hold in their hand or experience for themselves.SaaS sales […]

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7 Key SaaS Growth Strategies

Customers aren’t just going to appear; marketing teams need to proactively reach them in creative ways. In the current marketing landscape, brands have a near limitless number of ways to reach potential customers.

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SaaS SEO Webinar

The Secrets To SaaS SEO From A SaaS SEO AgencyFirst, let it be known that we believe top search rank can be a game changer for any and every business – especially SaaS.That’s why our agency focuses on SaaS SEO.Andy HalkoFounded Insivia in 2002 and has worked with hundreds of companies on growth strategies.We specifically work […]

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Top 10 Strategies for a SaaS Mobile Website

It’s only logical that your software company launches a mobile-friendly version of their website as research shows the majority of the traffic comes from mobile versions of a website. While creating a mobile SaaS website, use these top ten strategies, and you’re good to go.“Mobile is becoming not only the new digital hub, but also […]

How to Build a B2B SaaS Brand

Software as a service (SaaS) companies are no doubt the dominant of the business environment, both in their respective local economies and at the global level. Several statistics are supporting the fact that the SaaS business segment is fast-growing and the largest market segment since 2019. For example,Gartner research estimated that the SaaS market segment […]

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B2B SaaS Growth Marketing Strategy

The B2B SaaS industry has experienced significant growth in recent years, averaging approximately 30% per year. This robust growth has been backed by the huge rise of the use of technology in proffering solutions to major business problems. Gartner research published that the revenue of the SaaS industry should hit $143.7 billion USD by the […]

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How to Create the Best Websites for B2B SaaS Companies

There is absolutely no doubt that your website – especially a site for a B2B SaaS company – is central to your marketing and customer acquisition strategy.Whether you have a short sales cycle where you are looking to drive trials or freemium accounts or are an enterprise software focused on lead generation and demo schedules, […]

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What Is MRR

The simple answer is that MRR is your Monthly Recurring Revenue and one of the key metrics that SaaS companies use to evaluate success.

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Creating Microsites for Software Company Marketing

A microsite is a narrow focused way to attract and convert leads for SaaS companies.You are looking for new ways to scale your user acquisition and already do most of the tried and true methods such as SEO ( Search Optimization ), Advertising, Connection Campaigns, and more.But, your in need of expanding your SaaS Marketing […]

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Why Your SaaS Brand Needs Authentic Imagery

Ok, so let’s first define different types of graphics and images so we are all on the same page. I know, this may seem like a no brainer, but for software companies there are a number of different options.Software ScreenshotsThese are the hardcore real photos of your product interfaces. They are important for software buyers […]

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Using Mega Menu Navigation on Your SaaS Website

MEGA menus!  Why are they so mega and why can they help drive mega conversions for your software website?Let’s look at a few SaaS & Tech Mega Menus FirstThese two videos should give you a good sense of what a mega menu is if you didn’t already know. Basically the concept is to provide more […]

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