Our CEO talks about the top 5 reasons to hire a specialized SaaS & Tech Marketing Agency.

Andy Halko Andy Halko
Founder & CEO

I started Insivia over 20 years ago after I taught myself programming and design in college -- i'm a software and tech head at heart with the mind of a marketer.

The great thing about having a SaaS Marketing Agency is that I have been able to combine a lot of my passions.  I love software.  I've personally developed several SaaS products over the years and have even spun out a few.

Combine that with having consulted and worked with over 500 companies - learning their challenges and helping them find ways to grow - has given me a perspective that few have.  The technical chops of a software developer, the marketing experience of an agency owner, and the strategic business sense of an entrepreneur / consultant.

1.  The agency you choose must understand the ins and outs of tech.

Software-as-a-service has a specific business model and factors that are important to buyers. There are a number of types of SaaS that we understand:

  • Turnkey B2B SaaS - selling to businesses in a model of instant signup and ability to upgrade.

  • Enterprise B2B SaaS - complex software requiring demos and integrations.

  • B2G SaaS - Software for government organizations and departments.

  • B2E SaaS - Software for educational institutions whether higher-ed, k12, or specialty education.

  • B2H SaaS - Software specifically for healthcare.

Depending on the type of software and audience that you sell to, there are unique ways to present the needs.  Security and compliance matter for government, education, and healthcare. User experience and low-code customization to B2B organizations.

These are just a few of the many, many scenarios that are specific to SaaS and we have learned how to specifically present and funnel leads for these products.

2.  Growth Only Happens When You Combine Lead Generation and Retention

One of the most important growth factors for SaaS companies is the ability to maintain an existing customer base while acquiring new customers.  The right balance of marketing and retention is what a SaaS needs to achieve real results.

What's more, is that lessons learned in marketing should be leveraged in churn reduction strategies; and vice versa.

We've developed special expertise in retention and often look at key factors such as:

  • Right Audience - churn happens when you acquire the wrong customers from the start.

  • User Experience - how users traverse and interact with the product to accomplish their goals.

  • User Interface - The design can build confidence and influence user experience.

  • Downgrade / cancel process - influence users before cancellation or during the cancel process.

  • Onboarding - one of the most influential factors of retention is the first period to success.

  • Customer Communications - how you communicate from start to end as well as in app impacts churn.

3.  Your model has to match the marketing playbook.

Depending on whether you are focused on PQLs ( Product-Led Growth ) or MQLs & SQLs, the playbook for marketing must adjust appropriately.

Our expertise with other software & technology companies has helped us develop proven tactics that work based on your business model, your offering cost, the sales cycle, and a number of other specific factors.

We come to the table with playbooks we have build based on your business type and are ready to hit the ground running.

4.  Data & an agile approach is key to driving results.

We are a results-obsessed organization that talks about metrics every single day and in ever communication we have.

We know that results are all that matter.

When working with clients, we understand the objectives and KPIs we must align to and then develop dashboards and reporting that allow us to always prioritize producing the right outcomes.

Combining proven playbooks with an agile, test-driven approach allows us to quickly shift execution to optimize CAC.

5.  Sophisticated, Modern Design

SaaS companies have to look modern and cutting-edge.

An important part of building a scalable brand and optimizing conversion is having the visual chops to match the strategy and technology.

Our work is pretty spectacular - take a look at some of our SaaS web work.

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