How Stats Pages Boosted Our SEO

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Boosting SEO and devising a strategic approach to new content creation is a top priority for Insivia for both client and internal work.


Insivia is a forward-thinking SaaS agency specializing in digital solutions. Our teams recognize the paramount importance of SEO for software companies in reaching our audiences effectively, both for our clients and our internal efforts.

SEO for technology companies is almost an unbeatable science that close to no one understands to its full capacity, meaning teams often resort to testing different methods of content creation in hopes of seeing a quantitative result.

Over the course of August, Insivia’s internal marketing team embarked to focus the majority of content efforts toward creating some of what we believed to be potentially the most SEO-friendly pages: stats articles and pages.


Since May 2023, Insivia and our competitors have experienced frequent, unpredictable fluctuation in our SEO scores from visibility and organic search to clicks and conversions.

Differentiating ourselves in a highly saturated market proves as difficult to a marketing agency as any SaaS company seeking a high visibility score and conversion rate in conclusion. One assumption can always be made: people ask the internet questions every day. So, how can we channel what questions our target audience might be asking into something quantifiable, reliable, easy to link, and hyper digestible?


Our answer: Statistics Pages

Not only did we want to make these pages tick the above checkboxes, but we wanted to also optimize for keywords that may generate leads. Therefore, the Insivia marketing team chose to write and optimize for keywords that included the term “agency.”

This strategy is two fold:

  1. Visitors seeking data are validated by a short article with industry expertise and are more likely to share, link, or even save Insivia as a reliable resource.
  2. Visitors seeking information about an agency are validated not only by what industry expertise is exhibited in the article, but also by our ability to research, substantiate our expertise, and offer a solution.

Because while site visitors may be focused on getting a question answered, you never particularly know exactly what they’ve landed on your page for. It could be an answer or two, it could also be hiring an agency.

These pages include a heavily optimized short article describing relevant topics in the field, a “why trust an agency” section and more specifically, heavily linked with Insivia expertise. Additionally, in these sections, Insivia defines what differentiates our consultancy meets agency approach to our competitors by describing our strategy, practices, approaches, methodologies, etc.

Some of The Content We Created:

SaaS Content Marketing Stats

Why Data Analysis Matters for SaaS Companies and How an Agency Can Support

Take a look at how we organized each type of article. SaaS Content Marketing Stats and 20+ SaaS Brand Voice and Identity Statistics follow a similar format: Stats-First Position. Where the headline, and all information on the page points to what statistics we provide. Whereas, in the Why Data Analysis Matters article, the approach differs by focusing on in-depth writing and intentional advertising of utilizing agencies like Insivia itself with supporting statistics.


After publishing and promoting this content alongside maintaining our general content strategy (i.e. quality long-form content, consistent article re-writes, adding new media, back linking, etc.), we saw an increase in visibility by 1.95%. We additionally increased our rankings for “agency” keywords from 15 to 33 in August.

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