Scannable, Consumable Content To Drive SaaS Website Conversion

October 2, 2019

Making it extremely easy for visitors to understand what your software does and why they should care is imperative.

Visitors do not take the time to read, only visit a few pages, and make decisions with limited information.  If they are overwhelmed or confused by bad writing and content heirarchy, forget getting them to convert.

Take a look at Episode #2 of The SaaS Coach Show where we go in-depth about how to improve your writing and layout to increase conversions.

It's easy to see the difference between simple, scannable content and yet so many people just throw up on visitors with a bunch of text.

SaaS Website Content Writing

If in a few seconds you want people to understand what you do and why, then it has to be designed and written to do so.  It is a science to create great copy that drives conversions.

Our text on the right of this page will drive a significantly higher number of conversions.

Here are our rules of thumb:

People Do Not Read.


  1. Hierarchy with most important points first.;

  2. Utilize multiple font types and sizes.;

  3. Use multiple weights and colors - bold the important phrases.;

  4. Bullet point lists help for scanning.;

  5. Avoid adding filler words and just get to the point fast.;

  6. Provide a clear action that hints at purpose of destination.;

  7. Ensure that links include information-bearing words (instead of generic “go”, “click here” or “more”). This technique improves accessibility for users who hear links read aloud instead of visually.

I mean, look at these crazy eye-tracking patterms...

If this doesn't show you how people just scan sites, then I don't know what will.  It's called the f-pattern and is key to ensuring that visitors can quickly consume content on a page.

Don't shoot the messenger - attention spans are not what they used to be...

Here is the summary:  Don't write in big chunky paragraphs, put the most important infromation first, and make it easy to get a few nuggets of info out of your text.


Then, most importantly, have clear calls-to-action.  Like...

No, seriously, our guidebook has 10 principles to increase conversion and this was just one. Click that little angry red button.

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