Making it extremely easy for visitors to understand what your software does and why they should care is imperative.

Visitors do not take the time to read, only visit a few pages, and make decisions with limited information.  If they are overwhelmed or confused by bad writing and content heirarchy, forget getting them to convert.

Take a look at Episode #2 of The SaaS Coach Show where we go in-depth about how to improve your writing and layout to increase conversions.

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It's easy to see the difference between simple, scannable content and yet so many people just throw up on visitors with a bunch of text.

SaaS Website Content Writing

If in a few seconds you want people to understand what you do and why, then it has to be designed and written to do so.  It is a science to create great copy that drives conversions.

Our text on the right of this page will drive a significantly higher number of conversions.

Here are our rules of thumb:

People Do Not Read.


  1. Hierarchy with most important points first.

  2. Utilize multiple font types and sizes.

  3. Use multiple weights and colors - bold the important phrases.

  4. Bullet point lists help for scanning.

  5. Avoid adding filler words and just get to the point fast.

  6. Provide a clear action that hints at purpose of destination.

  7. Ensure that links include information-bearing words (instead of generic “go”, “click here” or “more”). This technique improves accessibility for users who hear links read aloud instead of visually.

I mean, look at these crazy eye-tracking patterms...

If this doesn't show you how people just scan sites, then I don't know what will.  It's called the f-pattern and is key to ensuring that visitors can quickly consume content on a page.

Don't shoot the messenger - attention spans are not what they used to be...

Attention Spans

Here is the summary:  Don't write in big chunky paragraphs, put the most important infromation first, and make it easy to get a few nuggets of info out of your text.


Then, most importantly, have clear calls-to-action.  Like...

No, seriously, our guidebook has 10 principles to increase conversion and this was just one. Click that little angry red button.

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