Will my site work on a mobile device? Part 2

July 24, 2009

Traditional website visitors have a very low attention span and that’s why content needs to be clean, sharp and to the point.Visitors browse and read even less on a mobile device. Expanding on Derryl’s post here about mobile site design, here are a few more points from a usability standpoint on mobile design:

Appropriate content.
Yes. Keep it to the point. Put yourself in your users’ shoes (or, better yet, get some actual users who will test) to find out what information they want.

Appropriate interactivity.
Like above, keep it as simple as possible. Most devices won’t like your Flash (or even Javascript), so leave out the whizzy effects. Also, your load speed is going to be a huge factor, even more than it is for stationary users. Keep your mobile site as lightweight as possible.

Appropriate layout.
Remember, when people are accessing your site from their PCs, chances are that they’re at desks, on the couch, almost guaranteed to be stationary. All bets are off with your mobile site; chances are they’re on the move. So, don’t use this as an opportunity for challenging design conventions.

The bottom line: when the most important information is readily accessible, mobile browsers will be even more enticed to visit your physical locale.

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