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First, let it be known that we believe top search rank can be a game changer for any and every business – especially SaaS.

That’s why our agency focuses on SaaS SEO.

Andy Halko

Founded Insivia in 2002 and has worked with hundreds of companies on growth strategies.

We specifically work with enterprise software and B2B SaaS companies.

SEO is not an immediate gratification tactic.

“Good Things Come To Those Who Are Patient. Great Things Come To Those Who Grind And Remain Patient.”

It took a year to gain traction, but then continued to produce with no effort.

Never forget that Google reports to their shareholders first.

The more that people use Google overall, the more that will click on an ad.

The mission of their algorithm is really to figure out how to keep getting people to come back to search again.

If I search and get the wrong answer, the likelihood I search again drops.

Which then means the likelihood I click on an ad drops.

Therefore to drive ad revenue, Google must deliver exactly what people are looking for.


The result has to both answer their question and provide a good experience.

If it doesn’t provide a good experience or answer the searchers need, then Google has failed.


The result must be relevant to your intent.

If you search a term and get the wrong context – Moby bring Moby Dick instead of the singer, then Google has failed.

That’s why the results and strategy to win has gotten so complex.

There are hundreds of factors that impact rank.



Quality: Depth & Media.

7 Key Marketing Strategies for Technology Companies

Now produces 400 – 500 Visits Per Day, 80 Conversions, and Hundreds of Newsletter Subscribers.

Quality: Outbound Links.

If I reference other sites that have high quality and relevancy to my topic, this must be a signal of the quality of my own content.

Quality: Page Experience

Site is slow.  Visitor clicks back instantly. Google knows.

Popup city.  Visitor clicks back. Google knows.

Bad design.  Visitor clicks back. Google knows.

Badly designed, slow and spammy sites will drop in rank.

Core Web Vitals

Google’s system for evaluating web page experience.

Quality:  Social Signals

Studies are not sure on how much social signals impact rank, but they do.

Number of people that like your brand on Facebook
Number of Facebook shares
Number of Twitter followers
Number of tweets mentioning your brand or including a link

More shares can mean more inbound links.
More direct clicks and visitors.

Quality: Inbound Links

You must have a quality resource if a lot of QUALITY sites link to yours.

If there are 100 people in a room, you ask for “New York Plumber” and 75 people point at one person and 15 at another, who is likely more quality and relevant.

Relevancy: Topic Focus

My article on “low-code”.


My article on “Customizing Project Management Tools for Accountants”.

Choose the right phrases

Look at volume and competition, but always think about audience and intent first.

Choose the right phrases- the sequel.

Audience and intent first.

A search for “low-code” is someone looking to learn.

A search for “low-code platform comparison” is someone looking to buy.

Don’t feel limited in your type of content.
Get diverse for diverse audiences.

Link Building isn’t easy, but it can impact rank.

Ask for guest post opportunities.

Suggest links for existing articles.

Submit press releases online.

Partner with organizations.

Create exchanges for links with your vendors.

Comment on discussions online.

Offer free content writing services.

Identify content to expand or enhance.

Seriously, you don’t always have to be creating new content.

Phrases with good intent and relevancy.

Currently 5 – 20 in rank.

Decent search volume.

SEMRush, Moz & Other SEO Tools

To achieve higher rank, you have to have the knowledge.

Google Search Console is a must.

Connect to your analytics to get even more value.

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