Will my site work on a mobile device?

July 24, 2009

It may "work" but is it easy to use on a mobile device?

Most websites are designed with an interface that takes into account a horizontal screen that you navigate with a mouse and keyboard. Mobile devices typically utilize a much smaller, vertical screen layout and you tap with your finger to navigate the site. So you may have designed elements that become much too small to read or tap. Sure the user can usually zoom in on the screen and scroll around to see your site, but do you really want your user to work that hard? Bigger question is, will they?

You can now create a mobile version of your site that will auto detect what device it is being viewed on and pull the "mobile version" of your site up. (There are many ways to do this I will go into in another post).

The user experience is greatly enhanced by using large, easy to read buttons that display the information in a different way than a typical site. More of a tap-to-reveal idea of navigating the site. Give them clear, intuitive navigation and present your content with clarity.

With desktop sales down and laptop sales up 80%, consumers want to be mobile. They are turning to mobile internet devices, like the iPhone, to do what they used to do on their laptops. Now you can be at their fingertips at any time. If you provide them a portal to information or a service and all they have to do is reach in their pocket and tap your site, you'll achieve a success not previously possible. We are experiencing a level of mobile access and features never before possible.

Say you're a restaurant. People with these devices can now be driving home from work and open an app that shows local restaurants... choose from a list... get ratings and reviews... click the link to your site... look at the menu and photos... see that your restaurant is what they're looking for and tap to make a reservation... all in mere moments from their phone.

Amazing times we're in. Make sure your site is ready.

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