How can I improve SEO on my mobile site?

September 28, 2009

With the recent explosion of popular mobile devices like the iPhone 3GS, Blackberry Tour and Palm Pre, we’re seeing a shift to websites that are tailored specifically for mobile devices. With this increase in mobile sites, its important to ensure your mobile site is being found through proper search engine optimization (SEO).

Online marketing for mobile sites is not very different from standard SEO practices. By utilizing a couple of mobile specific practices you can ensure your mobile site is optimized.

Heres how to ensure your content is mobile friendly:

Avoid using tons of images
Remember mobile screens are only so big, so you need to use the available screen real estate wisely. With that said, big background images usually don’t translate will on mobile devices. Often times a lot of images means a lot of scrolling; this can negate a user’s experience while visiting your site. Plus using tons of images means longer loading times.

Avoid complex navigation
Less is more! If your navigation is to complex it will make browsing your site difficult and annoying. Keep it simple and accessible.

No Flash
Flash is not supported by many mobile device browsers, so why use it.

Mobile site search engines
Seems simple but remember to take advantage of being indexed by mobile site specific search engines like:

Mobile Web Standards
Follow these suggested w3c mobile standards to help make your content accessible and flexible for multiple devices.

Upload your mobile sitemap to Google “Google mobile sitemaps” and “Yahoo mobile submit” to give the search engines a full view of your site. 

Valid XHTML code
Use only valid XHTML 1.0 code.  Valid XHTML 1.0 is a clean language which makes it easier for search engine crawlers and bots to view.

Every day more sites are becoming mobile. Don’t miss out on potential customers or new traffic due to your mobile site’s lack of SEO. To get started developing your new mobile site or for help improving your SEO, please contact Insivia.

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