2014 Marketing Trend: Content is King

October 4, 2013

While you’re creating your marketing plan, you should think carefully about what strategies are going to work best in 2014. Today, Patrick talks about one of the steady trends in marketing, and how to incorporate it into your plan for next year.

When it comes to digital marketing, things are always changing and trends are always coming to the forefront. One thing we’ve really seen in 2013 and will extend into 2014 is the fact that content is most certainly king. Content marketing is huge these days, and it plays a big role in your search engine optimization and the way people interact with your website and your brand online. If there’s one thing that I would recommend you do in the year 2014, it’s work on your content marketing strategy – write great content, share it online, and really have some strong calls-to-actions so people can connect and engage with your website and your brand online.

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