If a consumer doesn’t understand what a product does and how it benefits them, they are not going to buy it.

This simple truism can cause a lot of headaches for software companies: software, in particular, is a product that is often complex or has a bit of a learning curve for the average person to fully utilize. This makes it more difficult for a software company’s marketing and sales departments to educate and convert potential customers.

The good news is that it’s not impossible: it just takes creative and smart strategies. We’re talking about these strategies—including explainer videos, product tours, demos, and trials—during our webinar on June 22 at 1:00pm.

Right now, let’s focus on product tours and how they can help to drive sales.

What is a product tour?

A product tour, in a nutshell, is an in-depth explanation of what your product is, including its features and the ways in which it benefits the target consumer.

You might be wondering how a product tour is different from an explainer video. Both serve to attract potential customers and lead them down your sales funnel; however, a product tour functionally differs from an explainer video in the amount of information conveyed and the format used.

An explainer video is typically a short, two-minute animated video addressing a consumer’s pain point and why the software will solve their problems. An explainer video is especially useful for furthering brand awareness and a piquing a consumer’s interest in your product.

A product tour, on the other hand, is longer and more detailed. It will give a good amount of information about core features of the software as well as why those features are useful to the consumer or superior to the competition. (Note that detailed does not mean long-winded: the information given should be succinct and clearly explain the software’s value.) The tour shows visuals of your software in action and can be done via text and graphics or video.

How long can a product tour video be?

Because it is imparting more information, a product tour video can be fairly long. Here, you might be thinking, Woah, wait! I know that a viewer’s attention span often wanes the longer a video drags on. And that’s true: we don’t recommend making a two-hour-long product tour. However, a product tour can be several times longer than an explainer video because it is speaking to a lead that is further down in your marketing funnel.

Your video could be from two minutes to ten minutes, depending on the complexity of your product. If your product is particularly complex, or if you want to really highlight certain features in depth, consider making multiple, shorter product tour videos. You can provide links to subsequent video(s) and include a call to action at the end of each one—allowing your potential customers to navigate at their own pace and decide to buy at any point. Potential customers should be able to get detailed information on the software—or on specific features that most interest them—without being scared away by an hours-long video and barrage of information.

When should my company promote the video?

While an explainer video is best at the top of the funnel, growing awareness and interest, a product tour is best when targeted toward interested consumers who want more insight into your software. These are consumers who have shown engagement with previous marketing materials: maybe they clicked a link to learn more about the product in an email blast, or maybe they signed up for a free trial and now need a crash course in how the software works.

Done right, product tour videos can be of enormous benefit to your software company. For more information and answers to your questions, be sure to check out our webinar. You can also call us to talk to an expert.

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