15 Types of Website Content

June 28, 2013

Today Andy shares 15 differenttypes of website content!

Video Transcription

Hey everybody! I’ve got to fifteen types of content that you can use in your content marketing. So let’s go down the list real quick. Articles, pretty straightforward writing text. Guest blog posts, grab somebody from another organization, industry leader, influence and have them write something. How-to guides a quick instruction on how to complete something or go through a process. Images, images are powerful, get those images out there. Infographics, infographics are great they take content and information turn them into a graphical format so they’re easier to understand.

Video and Animation, obviously we’re shooting video today and this is our type of content, but animation and video are great content pieces. Illustrations, have someone in your organization or a graphic designer create some cool illustrations that can relate to your business.

Testimonials, testimonials are always great piece of content to use. Case Studies are really great explain what you’ve done for somebody, problem, solution, and how you made it better. Memes, how can you create a funny picture or something like that, that you can gain some interest and maybe some viralness that’ll go around the internet. Then there’s email newsletters, if you’re sending out those emails make sure you’re taking that content and putting it right back up on your website and distributing it via your content marketing channels.

E-books, create a quick e-book it doesn’t have to be super long, it could be two-three pages maybe a hundred if you’re able to knock that out very quickly but create an e-book put that out there. Lists, top five lists, right now this is a list of fifteen things that you can create of content lists are great for the search engines and great pieces of content. Podcasts, just record something, get it out there very quickly.

And last, Content and Product reviews, take another article and do a review on that, a book do a review on that, a product that’s in your industry or any products you have and do a quick review on it. So that’s fifteen different types of content for you so if you’re looking to get started with content marketing there’s a lot of different options and you can get started today.

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