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Tony & Andy talk about tactics and strategies to reduce churn rates.

Churn rate should be a key metric for any company and in particular, SaaS companies. In this article we explore some of the top tactics to improve user retention.

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Who’s in Charge of Retention?

Retention is key to scaling a SaaS business, but who's job is it to own? 

User Retention: Don’t Wait Until They’re Gone

New SaaS companies can be hyper focused on user acquisition, but that means nothing if customers just walk out the back door.

Customer Feedback: Why You Need It

You can't reduce churn without feedback, but not all feedback is created equal.

The Ultimate Guide to Dashboards

A dashboard in a software platform is key to engaging users and quickly getting them to important info.

Customer Communication for SaaS Retention

Engaging with your users both through automatic messages and sequences is key to reducing churn.

SaaS Experience Journey Mapping

Journey maps are a standard user experience tool. Journey maps come in different shapes, sizes, and formats

SaaS Retention Podcast

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SaaS user retention is the dirty little secret that they don't tell you about and every SaaS & software company fights the good fight.

Your retention numbers will quickly become some of your most important metrics, since your business is like a hot air balloon and you're never gonna soar if there's an invisible leak in the balloon.  

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How Gamification Increases SaaS Retention

Gamifying anything is a psychological way to create engagement and need. Use gamification to reduce churn rates.

10 Reasons Your Customers Are Churning

Customers are the lifeblood of your company. Without them, you would not be able to survive. That's why it is so important to keep retention high and churn low.

Marketing to the Right Customers Reduces Churn

The reality is that products who acquire the wrong customers in the first place will see massive churn.

Customer Loyalty Tactics for Software and SaaS Companies

It takes about 11 months on average for a SaaS company to make back the cost of customer acquisition and retention.

8 Software Churn Prevention Tips

Customer acquisition is expensive. Some companies spend anywhere between 5-25 times more to acquire customers than to maintain the existing ones. Reducing churn should be a top priority for any SaaS manager.

How Support Teams Can Reduce SaaS Churn Rates

A user support team needs to understand churn and be driving towards retention as a critical metric.

7 SaaS Retention Strategies for Scalable Growth

See some of our quick tips on making retention a central part of your business growth.

Cohort Analysis Interpretation and Usage for SaaS Retention

One of the key tools to leverage in evaluating retention is cohort analysis.

10 Must-Know Terms in SaaS Retention

Looking to start with the basics? These SaaS Retention terms can get you kick-started.

Experience Mapping A SaaS Software For Users

One key to SaaS Retention is to create a great experience that increases the physical and emotional expectations of our users.

How to Deliver Great Customer Service as a SaaS Product

Looking for ways to provide a great SaaS customer experience? Our show on doing so can get you going.

Data Tracking and Analytics for SaaS Retention

We all know that you can't fix what you don't measure. Data is key to improving churn rates.

How to Create a Software Roadmap

Determining your features and the priority of building functionality is an important part of retention.

Making Your SaaS Product and Features Sticky So Users Won't Leave

A sticky product keeps brining users back for more.

Making the SaaS Onboarding Experience Awesome

Onboarding is the start to ensuring that you increase user lifetime value.