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2019 Technology Marketing Industry Report

We're releasing our annual technology marketing industry report. As one of the leading authorities in the country on marketing for technology and software companies, we deliver powerful industry benchmarks.


Leveraging data from our annual survey (below), industry partners, analytics, research, and our own data sets we provide key insights into how technology and software companies are marketing their organizations.

With over 1,000 visitors a day to our popular technology marketing articles, our reports include a wide array of real data from growing tech companies.


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A short and simple 4-minute survey to help us expand our results. Answers are fact-checked to ensure we deliver real industry insight in our 2019 Technology Marketing Report.

What is your biggest marketing challenge?
What tactics are you currently using?
Which best describes your company's primary marketing goals?
What tactics do expect to invest more in during 2019?
What tech industry are you in?
What is the size of your organization?
What is the revenue of your organization?
What is the size of your marketing department?
How would you describe your marketing?
What is your annual spend on marketing (not including salaries)?
Do you have an agency relationship?
Which of the following do you utilize?
What type of BLOG content do you create?
How often do you create new BLOG content?
How effective is your BLOG content?
What PREMIUM content are you currently offering?
How often do you create new PREMIUM content?
How effective is your PREMIUM content?
What conversions do you utilize?
Do you segment all conversions into separate  lists?
Do you utilize automated follow-up sequences?
What channels do you pay for advertising?
What is your monthly Ad spend?

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