Create a tactical marketing plan to reach, engage, convince, and convert the right target audiences.

A Breakthrough Marketing strategy leverages proven methodologies to win new customers by achieving awareness and enticing action through smart, integrated tactics.


Your Positioning Impacts Every Aspect of Your Growth

We believe that how you present your why to the world is what drives top-line revenue.

Our specialized Breakthrough Program is built to produce big outcomes.

Our unique system has evolved through hundreds of engagements to be a candid, exercise-driven, collaborative process lead by experts who leverage evidence and logic to progressively solve and define your strategic position.

Breakthrough Positioning produces:

  • Audience Segmentation & Prioritization
  • Personas & Buyer Insights
  • Brand Voice
  • Value Propositions
  • Positioning Statements
  • Key Messaging
  • Brand Strategy Guide
Know What Works

Prioritize, examine, and interpret target audiences.

Our process removes bias to truly see audience drivers creating instant affinity and desire.

Prioritize target audiences leveraging past data, your expert-insights, market research, and a logical process to focus resources and budgets on the best opportunities.

Breakdown audiences into personas understanding the research and decision cycles that your buyers go through.

Define key motivations and buying factors as foundational information to utilize in the process of creating your unique positioning.

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Position To Win

Define and articulate your voice and value propositions.

Every interaction with a prospect, customer, recruit, or employee is an opportunity to win or lose their interest.

Build a brand hierarchy that clearly communicates and proves your unique position in the marketplace and naturally removes competitors from the board.

Develop a consistent persona, tone, language, and purpose so that everything your organization produces backs up your strategy.

Create messaging that truly articulates and conveys your who, what, why, and how as well as sets the foundation for every audience interaction.

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A great strategy has to be evangilized and executed.

When you position your organization for success and invest in messaging that seperates you from the competition, it must be infused into every experience and interaction.

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Download our Brand Strategy Guidebook

A detailed, awesome step-by-step guide to positioning and brand strategy.

Samantha McClintock, Director of Marketing

"The entire Insivia team was wonderful to work with on our brand and marketing strategy.

We needed a critical eye and outside opinion to help us navigate a rebrand and other internal changes.

They came in, listened well, guided our conversations, and produced a clear strategy that will help us move forward as a company.

We're confident that our new brand and marketing strategy will help us generate new business and better service for our current clients."