How often Should you Update the Content on your Site?

October 31, 2012

Andy discusses how often you should be updating content and how to keep it valuable to your audience.

Video Transcription

So, how often should you update the content on your website? Well, really, it should be as often as possible, but only as long as it’s valuable to your audience. The one thing that I really try to get across to clients when I talk to them is that you want to make sure you’re providing really valuable content for your visitors. The reasons that you have valuable content is that it’s going to keep them coming back for more, it’s going to engage them more, and they’re going to find more value out of working with you. So if you’re creating content, I much rather create a really great piece of content every two weeks than I would putting out something very simple and basic everyday.

So try to update your site as much as possible so you can get more content into search engines, get more information out there and really show life on your site but make sure that it’s valuable. If it’s not valuable then it’s only going to be noise and drive people away. So if you’re updating your site do it as often as possible but keep it really valuable.

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