How do I manage social media on WordPress?

June 25, 2009

WordPress is a great content management solution for small and even in some cases large businesses. It is a robust scalable application which boasts one of the easiest to use interfaces. Recently Insivia programmed and developed a plugin for the WordPress software to help manage Social Media. Here is a description of some of the features included and where the plugin is headed.

Current features:

1. Facebook Sharing Image - When people enter your URL in the sharing box for Facebook, it will randomly choose five images from your page to offer as thumbnails. But what if your site is designed in a way that your logo is not one of them? Well, there is a way to fix the Facebook thumbnail, but we 've made it simple in WordPress by allowing a user to upload multiple images and choose which will be used. We also added the ability to specify your thumbnail for individual pages and posts.

2. Twitter Updates and Feeds - Enter multiple Twitter accounts and update your status for one or more all from WordPress. Simple and powerful, but best of all, a mouse click away after a blog post. Also, you can see feeds from those accounts of your posts, your replies and direct messages.

3. Digg Feed - Enter your username to see all the Diggs that you have submitted.

4. YouTube Brand Monitoring - Track a name or phrase that is mentioned in YouTube video titles and descriptions. This is a great way to see what presence you have on the video site. Also, you can see a feed of the videos you have submitted.

Features Coming Soon

In the near future and ongoing we will be releasing new features for this plugin to expand its power. More social networks will be added in so you can manage and monitor your brand across a greater spread of social media. The ability to auto-tweet for new blog posts and have tweet capabilities right in a post are coming along with support for tiny URLs. A lot more is planned for the plugin, but we don't want to give away all the surprises.


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