5 Ways to Get Your Site to Rank Higher

June 30, 2015

Trying to achieve a good search engine ranking is a challenge, but if you take the time to look into your audience’s behaviors and examine your options, you’ll find that moving up in the ranks is an achievable goal. Here are five ways you can start to move on up!


You can’t effectively optimize your site without doing research. You need research in order to understand your target audience,how people are currently finding your site, and what keywords are being used in in search results. It’s also helpful to know which of your posts are being viewed the most and which need a little love. Using a tool such as Google Analytics will help you tweak your strategy to fit the results of the data you now have access to.

Tweak Your Title Tags

This is a change that can make a drastic difference when it comes to optimizing your website. Your title tags give search engines the right information about your site’s content and purpose. Don’t make the mistake of leaving them as the default “About Page,” but instead use keywords and phrases describing the page that boost your placement in the SERPs.

Create Quality Content

We continually stress the importance of quality content when optimizing your website, and it’s for a reason. Search engines place a lot of weight on relevant content when determining where your site ranks. Although it’s important to include keywords and phrases in your content, what’s more important is making sure the subject of your post is interesting to your visitors. If you are creating content that is in demand, people will come. Flooding your site with every keyword you can think of might cause the search engine crawlers to view you as spam and rank you lower instead of higher.

Build Inbound Links

Search engines look for both inbound and outbound links when they search your site. Inbound links redirect to another page on your site, and outbound links will bring the reader to another site. It’s important to include both types in your content if you want to build your rank, but make sure the links are meaningful. Just like how flooding your posts with keywords you think will stick is considered spam, using too many useless links will detract from your ranking.

Get Help

Many people take SEO into their own hands without any knowledge of how to go about it. When they don’t see the results they want, they become frustrated. If you’re not an expert but you’re in charge of optimizing a large site, then it might be in your best interest to get an SEO Expert who really knows what he or she is doing.

If you’re still feeling lost about SEO or just want to learn more, join us for our seminar Search Optimization Redefined on July 8, 2015.

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