Web Conversion and the Purchasing Funnel

February 21, 2014

This month we’re talking about website conversion, and how interested consumers become paying customers.

The purchasing funnel (sometimes referred to as a sales/marketing funnel) is a commonly used approach in sales and marketing. It describes the process that a consumer goes through before finally making the purchase. Sales funnels can range from as few as three general steps to over ten descriptive one’s, but they all follow the same basic process. We use a funnel metaphor, because just like a funnel is wider at the top, your sales funnel starts with a large audience and funnels it’s way down to those who commit to the purchase.

Awareness – A consumer is aware of your product or service and may visit your website. This is the first step because it means we’ve caught the attention of the consumer and turned them into a lead. A great content and social media marketing strategy is essential because it will drive traffic from qualified leads who are interested in your offering.

Interest – A consumer will actively show interest in your product or service by signing up for newsletters, following you on social media, or in some way engaging with your brand. This person is now a qualified lead because he has a need in what you are offering.

Desire – This person is now a prospective customer because he/she has shown a desire in making a purchase. At this point the prospect is most likely comparing products or weighing the features and benefits against similar offerings.

Action – The consumer has now made the decision to purchase or taken the steps to buy. Once the transaction has been made you have acquired yourself a new customer

After the purchase is complete, it’s important to continue managing a relationship with the customer. A healthy post-purchase relationship will allow you to verify that the buyer is happy with their purchase and answer any questions they may have. A happy customer will increase referrals and is much more likely to make repeat purchases.

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