Today Nina talks about the value of hosting or sponsoring events.

Effective marketing is all about providing value to your customers and giving them an experience that they will remember. One of the best ways to do this is by hosting or sponsoring events. Events give you the opportunity to directly interact with your potential customers, but also gives them something valuable to keep them coming back to you.

Depending on your product or service a really great opportunity for an event is to educate. Educational events allow you to teach people something or provide information about your industry, your company, or your services. This way, you give people something that they can take away while at the same time building relationships with people in your community.

If you’re not into hosting events, another great opportunity is to sponsor local events. Whether your providing services, guest speaking, or simply donating to the event, you are still interacting with your community. This helps people associate your business or your name with the community. It also helps build trust and relationships to market your products or services.

A great way to promote and support events is to incorporate a digital strategy using social media, PPC advertising, or creating content such as ebooks or other online materials.

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