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March 17, 2014

What’s the one thing that everyone loves? I’ll give you a hint – they’ve been around since the creation of fire, the wheel, and sliced bread. They’re what we occupy ourselves with on a constant basis, sometimes without even realizing it. We are addicted to them, inspired by them, and awed by what they have to offer. They are the backbone of a multi-billion dollar industry, yet they don’t cost a penny to create. What are they? They’re stories.

Shared since the dawn of man – from cave drawings, to renaissance paintings, to digital screens; from stories you read in a book, or tell around a campfire, or hear before bed – stories are told in every conceivable manner.

But why are we so captivated by them? Is it because they are capable of sending us millennia into the future or throwing us eons into the past? Could it be because they put us in the shoes of superheroes, aliens, and talking animals? Whatever the reason, we absolutely, undeniably, indisputably LOVE a good story.

Which brings me to my central point. Can a brand tell a story? Hopefully you don’t have to think too long about it, but if you still don’t know, it’s a resounding “yes”. In fact, a brand is probably better positioned than most to tell a great story. Think about it like this – a typical story starts by filling you in on some background situations, vital character histories, reasons why they do what they do, and fight for what they fight for. Now think of a popular brand…you already know what they stand for (or at least should know, if they are any good at what they do).

Apple –> Innovation
Facebook –> Connectivity
Volvo –> Safety
FedEx –> Reliability (think Tom Hanks in Castaway)
Disney –> Magic

You get the picture, or should I keep going?

Here’s a look at my personal favorite – Chipotle. They sell delicious burritos, but somehow they make me want to be a better person and save the world (or at least a cow or two). How do they manage to pull that off? By telling a great story.

Summer – 2011

Fall – 2013

And probably one of the best pieces of brand content Chipotle has released to date; full of witty humor, suspenseful intrigue and the occasional exploding farm animal (Disclaimer: No livestock were harmed in the making of this series).

I introduce you to,”Farmed & Dangerous. Enjoy!

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