Why Should you use Video?

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Andy gives his reasoning on why you should consider using video.

Video transcription

So why is video a good tactic for your marketing? Well there’s a couple reasons. The first is that you can really create a personal connection with your audience. Having yourself on video and talking to someone is a great way to really connect with them that you can’t do through text or even sometimes images. Another reason is that it’s really comprehensible. Something that you describe in many many paragraphs that you put on video is much easier for your audience to understand and relate to. The next reason is search optimization. Video is really good for search optimization and is ranking high in Google, and especially YouTube being the second largest search engine that there is. The final reason is that it’s interesting. Instead of a big block of text or some stock photography, a video is really interesting and engaging. So I really think that you should look at video for your marketing tactics and hopefully you’ll start doing that today.