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We leverage your unique expertise to attract, convince and convert deals.

Whether international expansion, enterprise penetration or local market domination, we know how to drive results.

Marketing into enterprise, government, healthcare or education requires specialized strategies.

Validation is imperative to convince people you are the experts and can deliver true value.

Marketing and sales need to reach various stakeholders in an organization throughout the process.

Existing communities and channels provide a platform but need to be leveraged the right way.

Marketing and sales absolutely cannot act as silos and must work together to drive top-line revenue.

Smart tech companies leverage existing customers for new sales and referrals.


Hear from great technology leaders.

“They were truly our partners. It was a true collaboration.”

– Amy Martin  |  Partner, Marketing  |  JumpStart

“Insivia took my rough concepts and goals, crafted them into a compelling vision, and then executed that into a fantastic solution.”

– Jeff Epstein, Health Tech Corridor

“Insivia applied new technology and techniques coupling them with old school values like hard work and meeting tight deadlines to create effective campaigns.”

– Bob Brooks, Bearware

“Insivia created an amazing site focused on generating quality leads for our sales team — and they delivered big time and on time.”

– Roy Bielewicz, Mongoose Metrics


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7 Key Marketing Strategies for Technology Companies

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How to Get More SaaS Leads

How to crush your SaaS lead generation strategy.Growing a strong customer base for a software company is one of the key fundamentals for business development and sustainability.Mastering the art of increasing your sales leads can be a huge catalyst for growth.So, let’s dive deep into lead generation strategies so you can become an expert in…

Agile Marketing

Creating A Strategic Marketing Approach for Software & Technology Companies

The most successful marketing campaigns are executed with a clear vision and goal.


Evaluating Your Software Brand Positioning Through SWOT Analysis

It’s Strategic Planning month here at Insivia, so we’re continuing our conversation about planning for next year.

Agile Marketing

The Importance of Optimizing Your Software Company Content for SEO

Nowadays, it’s all about who makes it to the top of Google search results. Whoever makes it to the top wins the game. What if we told you – Your software company’s content can make it to the top as well? You can easily do so using search engine optimization (SEO) techniques!According to BrightEdge, 68%…

Agile Marketing

Creating A Strategic Marketing Approach for Software & Technology Companies

The most successful marketing campaigns are executed with a clear vision and goal.

Agile Marketing

Determining Key Performance Indicators for Software & SaaS Marketing

When you’re creating your marketing plan for next year, you’ll want to make sure you include a plan for measuring your success.

Conversion Optimization

Increasing Software Sales Using Trials

In this video, Andy Halko, CEO of Insivia, talks a little about how using trials near the end of your sales funnel can increase the sales of your software product. Properly using trials is a vital part of the decision process for potential clients to purchase your software. Make sure you are using the right…

Interactive & Media

Using Digital Tools to Expedite the Sales Process

If there is one process that is worth the effort of refining it would be the sales process. Many of our clients don’t have cut-and-dry pricing models and have developed processes for providing quotes to their customers. Even for us, creating turnkey pricing for many of our products or services is an enormous challenge that…

Sales Enablement

Increase Sales with Engaging Video

Videos are a great way to engage customers with your products and brand. They are a great way to discuss features, and the best way to truly showcase benefits. Keep in mind that a consumer isn’t buying a new Radio Flyer wagon with soft grip tires (feature), they are buying the smile on their little…

Technology Consultant Marketing

Technology is an essential part of our world, and technology consulting companies are in demand to bring change to every aspect of how companies do business.

As a technology consultant, you aim to help the client improve their processes, reduce costs, and maximize tech opportunities. Whether your are implementing new software, building IT infrastructures, securing IT assets, or bringing digital transformation to an entire organization.

Technology consulting is a wide field, and for some context, we will discuss marketing as relevant to software, cybersecurity, and data analytics consulting.

Marketing A Software Consulting Services

Whether you are a software developer starting out or an executive at an established software consulting firm, marketing is critical to the growth of your business.

Growing Your Software Consulting Business

At the initial stages, most software consulting firms rely on network or word-of-mouth referrals to land software consulting gigs. As a new firm, your organization may not need extensive business planning and strategy. For your company, business, or organization to grow in the long haul, it is essential that you develop a solid business plan.

As time goes by and your business grows, it becomes inevitable to outgrow your initial customer base. At this point, active marketing and selling become an essential part of promoting your software consulting services.

Planning a Marketing Strategy for Your Software Consulting Firm

A strong marketing strategy ensures that all your marketing activities align with your business goals. In this way, you can maximize business returns in proportion to your marketing efforts. With the steps below, you can develop a proper marketing strategy for your software consulting services:

  1. Understand Your Customer: Define your ideal customer. Make a detailed description of the persona of your target client.

  2. Analyze the Market: Understand the market. Establish to what extent is the market available to you? Is there potential for market growth? What are the key market trends?

  3. Know Your Competition: Your competition will determine how you approach the market. Establish the strengths and weaknesses of your competition. Research and assess diligently.

  4. Research Your Partners and Competition: This business allows for collaboration with like-minded businesses and organizations before you can finalize a collaborative deal.

  5. Define Your Marketing Mix: What factors do you want to involve as part of your marketing? Is it the product, price, or promotions?

  6. Analyze Your Financials: Every marketing strategy needs financial backing. Define your marketing budget.

  7. Revise and Review: The market is dynamic. Ensure that your marketing strategy adapts to the changing climate by revising and reviewing it continuously.

Marketing A Cybersecurity Consulting Services

As of 2019, the global cybersecurity consulting market was valued at $2.6 billion. The growth of cyberattacks and data breaches across many organizations is the key driver to the growth of the cybersecurity consulting market.

There is a demand for cybersecurity consulting services; however, selling your offerings is not that easy. The landscape of today's market requires a deliberate approach to how you target and engage your clients. Regular contact through educational newsletters and industry updates will help you engage and nurture your customer base.

Cybersecurity Marketing Tips and Ideas

To help the cybersecurity consultants market their services, Insivia presents helpful tactics worth considering. These tips come from both our experience in the industry and extensive research.

  1. Getting to the Top Does Not Guarantee Results: Some cybersecurity firms embrace the "bottom-up" revenue model. Here the targets for a solution are the developers, analysts, and direct benefactors of the solution. Other cybersecurity firms target company executives and decision-makers. Winning the audience of a decision-maker does not guarantee results. Purchase decisions in this industry are usually delegated to middle management.

  2. Develop a District Solution for Each Security Persona: Immerse yourself deeply in the buyers' personas. The buyer that will purchase the solution and the one that uses it. Focus your marketing efforts on solutions that offer the most return on investment. From experience, build a marketing and sales enablement plan.

  3. Follow Up Sales with Valuable Content: Build a content marketing scheme around substance for your customers. Plan out a list of topics that will provide value for your customers. Tackle the common issues that they face. Embrace an educational and informative tone.

  4. Come Up with Creative Ways of Showcasing Customer Success: Showcase the value that your solution offers in the voice of the customer. A simple association with a happy customer can get you noticed.

Marketing A Data and Analytics Consulting Services

Starting out as a data science consultant is no walk in the park. Finding your first client is like looking for a job with no experience. Marketing your services will help you grow a customer base and build revenue.

Your marketing effort will wrap around managing customer relationships. Below are some tips that will help you market your data and analytics consulting services:

  1. Establish a Website with a Blog: Having a website is like having a business card. With a website, anyone on the internet can access your data and analytics consultation services. You want this website to be noticed by industry contributors and executives. You can achieve this by creating and posting valuable content on your site.

  2. Offer Free Resources: These resources could be templates for presentations or proposals. With such freebies, you can gain the trust of new clients.

  3. Double Down on Social Media Marketing: Social media sites are excellent platforms to get people to notice you. Social media marketing is cheaper and quite effective than other channels.

  4. Attend Meet-Ups and Do Talks: While posting content online is great, meet-ups and talks allow your audience to pin a face and a personality over your brand. Collect email addresses and issue business cards; your efforts will pay off.

The Challenge of Marketing a Technology Consulting Firm

Early-stage technology consulting firms do not need a dedicated marketing team. While this may save on costs, you will lag in sales. The marketing and selling of technology consulting require knowledge and expertise in the relevant technical field.

You aim to stay on top of people's minds. Working as a consultant is a flexible way to earn a living. You are only required on specific projects. You have more control over your hours and pay.

tech clients

18 years working with technology clients providing market research, brand strategy, web, and marketing.


Business Continuity & Information Security Software and Services

For Avalution we have worked with them across the full gambit of our services.  Several years ago during a transition period we provided consulting services to assist with their culture including the development of core values, mission, and vision.

Since then we have helped Avalution with Brand Strategy to hone their messaging, consulting on the positioning of their software and services, a new website, video, an explainer video, search optimization, and ongoing marketing support.


Data Center Hardware & Services

We loved helping ThomasTech revamp their organization. They came to use with a dated brand and no history of marketing but in the middle of a huge growth spurt.

Insivia started by rebranding the entire company’s identity from colors and fonts to a great new logo.  From there we helped them build an amazingly modern web presence with a focus a high-end feel. This new brand was then expanded into print materials, unique promotional items, conference booth, direct mail campaigns, a client onboarding site, and more.

We’ve been a key part of driving their marketing as the organization scales.


Managed IT Provider

IT Corps came to Insivia to grow their business. With a deep understanding of their culture and target clients, we helped develop an edgy brand that stood out from other technology companies.  From there we build a website, collateral materials, tradeshow booths, product microsites, and a lot more.  IT Corps is a great example of how a brand strategy can be used to create differentiation prior to marketing campaigns.


Technology Business Advocacy & Relocation Organization

The Health Tech Corridor helps technology companies focused on healthcare in Cleveland, Ohio find space and obtain services for scaling.  We helped the HTC develop a website and have worked over the past 4 years providing retained services to manage online advertising campaigns, support social media, manage e-mail marketing and a wide range of other solutions to promote the organization.

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