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In this interview-format series, we have discussions with bleeding-edge technology founders who are leading the charge of rapid innovation using disruptive technologies.

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Watch Our Latest Show with Andrea Pfundmeier, Co-Founder & CEO of Boxcryptor.


10/12/2021 - Derek Pacqué, Founder and CEO of Chexology 

10/19/2021 - Dr. Prashant Srivastava, Co-Founder and CEO of Evive

10/26/2021 - Heather Shoemaker, CEO and Co-founder of Language I/O

11/4/2021 - Matt Gallant, Founder and CEO of tribeOS

ALL Episodes

EPISODE #22: Haseeb Awan, Founder and CEO of Efani

EPISODE #21: Oleg Kurchenko, CEO and Founder of Binaryx

EPISODE #20: Alberto Rizzoli, CEO & Co-Founder of V7

EPISODE #19: Carson Goodale, Co-Founder of FanFood

EPISODE #18: Ashley Etling & Chantal Emmanuel, Co-Founders of LimeLoop

EPISODE #17: Dr. Benjamin Schmidt, CEO and Co-Founder of RoadBotics

EPISODE #16: Maia Monell & Erin Papworth, Co-Founders of

EPISODE #15: Sungwon Lim, CEO & Founder of ImpriMed

EPISODE #14: Richard Boyd, CEO & Founder of Tanjo

EPISODE #13: Scott Campbell, Co-Founder & CEO of PayStand

EPISODE #12: Katerina Axelsson, Founder of Tastry

EPISODE #11: Wei-Shin Lai & Jason Wolfe, Founders of AcousticSheep

EPISODE #10: Aadith Moorthy, Founder & CEO of ConserWater Technologies

EPISODE #9: Jehan Hamedi, Founder & CEO of Vizit

EPISODE #8: David Pawlan, Founder of Aloa
EPISODE #7: Kylee Guenther, Founder & CEO of Pivot Materials

EPISODE #6: Dave Schatz, Founder of Circles for Zoom

EPISODE #5: Jacob Wedderburn-Day, Co-Founder & CEO of Stasher
EPISODE #4: Meghan Braley, Founder & CEO of ScootRoute

EPISODE #3: Aaron Bray, Co-Founder & CEO of Phylum

EPISODE #2: Elnaz Sarraf, Founder & CEO of ROYBI Robot
EPISODE #1: Cenk Sidar, Co-Founder & CEO of GlobalWonks

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