The Best Tech Consulting Websites of 2021

April 12, 2021

The core part of the new business environment is the gradual shift from the conventional mode of business operations to a wider online business network.

Many customers are more comfortable with online transactions. Simply put, customers research companies by visiting their sites; this guides their choice and decision of whom to engage in business.

In light of the above, we cannot overemphasize the importance of you having a website. As an independent consultant, you need to be perceived as an expert before people can have confidence in services. A common way potential clients evaluate businesses is by visiting their sites to assess their expertise, level of professionalism, service offerings, user experience, quality of services, and past achievements. Hence, having a good and attractive website is a growth strategy on its own as it allows you to project your strengths, value proposition, customer attraction, among others, to your target market.

In this article, we'll be highlighting the need for a great website and provide you with great tips on how to create a stunning website that will help you attract the right audience for your company. Lastly, we'll introduce you to some interesting tech consulting websites. This will guide you through the process of creating your website or revamping an old one. So, let us hit the ground running.

How can a tech consulting firm's website be impactful?

As a tech consulting firm, there are several reasons you need to have a functional website:

Customer attraction:
Customer taste is rapidly evolving and an essential part of that change is the growing interest of the customer in the digital space. Firstly, prospective clients go online to research the service they want to pay for. In case you do not have a website, you are most likely perceived as a traditional firm. Also, you will forfeit the chances of getting more customers. In a case where your website is not functional or has a poor design and layout, potential customers are likely to be discouraged from engaging you in business. In that way, your competitors will become their preferred company, and you will gradually be losing your market share.

Online Transactions become easier:
In this era of the global pandemic, many clients have become comfortable completing transactions online as they intend to stay safe and abide by social distancing policies. Hence, they associate more with consulting businesses that have a good online presence. While this helps you get more customers on board, it also helps you increase sales despite the negative effect of the global pandemic on movement. You can also engage clients outside your state or country as your business becomes a global firm.

Rather than having to pay significantly for advertisements, you can put up your services offering and tech solutions on your website. You can also add descriptions of what you do on your site and potential customers and always visit your website to read them up or check them out. With that, you don’t have to make periodic payments to media houses to keep your advertisement in the face of your audience. When you compare the cost of designing a website and putting up an advertisement campaign, you will observe that it is best you adopt the use of a website as it is relatively cheaper. A one-off design on your website can do the magic instead. However, you will need to always update your service description when the situation warrants it. Interestingly, it is now easier to update your website as against what the situation was a few years back. Aside from the fact that there are many credible web designers, technological advancement has created an easier platform for you to update your website information or even change the design of your website.

One of the benefits of having a functional website is that it provides you with the opportunity to influence people’s perception of your brand. Through your website, you can share your positive reviews, amazing solutions you have developed, and your past experiences. When your audience sees these features on your website, you will have a better brand reputation as they will see you as expertise with excellent industry knowledge. You can also change people’s thoughts around negative reviews with the use of a functional website.

As a tech consulting firm, the need for you to have a functional website is indeed non-negotiable due to the reasons highlighted above. You should consider developing your new site and update your existing site to make it more functional and effective.

How to Build a Quality Website

After identifying the benefits of having a working website, we should understand how to develop a nice website that can help you attract and convert more customers, while also boosting sales and revenue growth. Below are the some of tips you can explore when coming up with your website design:

Define your value proposition statement:
When people visit your website, the first thing they want to see is your value proposition because it summarises what you do as a business. Your unique value proposition should encapsulate what you stand for and why they should choose you over your competitors. In a nutshell, it should be your selling point and a core part of your brand identity. On your website homepage, you need to project your value proposition for your customers to see what makes you a special consultant in the industry. You can go a step further by incorporating quality pictures or high-quality videos to capture their attention and make it less boring. In essence, your website should have your value proposition on its homepage. You can also display your clients’ reviews, success stories, and other ways to convince your clients that you have all it takes to help them solve their problems.

User-friendly interface and strong navigation:
The last thing customers will want to experience is having issues navigating around the website. Clients are naturally more comfortable with the website that are friendly and easy to navigate. It is good to focus on developing a nicely designed website; however, it is better to always consider your customers when adding any feature (including images and videos) to the website. If your website has a lot of information, it is best to create segments in your website for the audience to easily navigate through. Each segment should consist of similar features or information and should be targeted at an audience segment. For instance, you can create a segment for existing clients where they can lodge complaints and provide reviews or feedbacks. You can also create a different segment to introduce a new service and another segment for news and industry.

Engage your audience with insightful content:
Beyond engaging you for consulting services and solutions, prospective clients may want to visit your website for vital information and resources about the tech industry. This is the reason you should consider sharing insightful content on your website. Through the availability of credible information on your website, you can boost your ranking on search engines, thereby boosting your business growth. Share information and elements such as tips, pieces of advice, and working solutions. Business consulting firms can only succeed when people perceive them as knowledgeable and when they are confident that they can provide the innovative solutions they need. You can share business advice, tips, and resources through blog posts on your site. You can also leave them on your website pages, somewhere clients can easily spot them. It is noteworthy to mention that your posts should not be too lengthy, you will most likely bore your audience with prolonged posts. Hence, keep your posts short, concise and impactful. You can also employ the use of infographics to summarize your points on a page.

Create contact links:
You should create contact links where your clients can get in touch with you when they need clarifications or make inquiries. Beyond contacts, your clients should also be able to share your content on social media platforms or forum groups which will help them interact with each other. Aside from the fact that it helps them create connections, it benefits you as a business because it will increase the traffic to your website. Also, you can add a link on your website which clients can use to book free appointments with you for them to share their thoughts. This will get you closer to your clients and you can develop stronger relationships with them.

Create platforms for interactions with clients:
As a tech consulting firm, you need to understand your customers’ needs before you can come up with a working solution. This highlights the reason you should develop a stronger relationship with your new and existing clients. However, this does not imply that you should send numerous marketing content to your clients. A better approach is to send emails or newsletters to them once in a while. You should also give them the freedom to unsubscribe to your mail if they find it disturbing. This is where the quality of your content matters.

When you share useful messages but not always, clients will not want to miss out on them, hence, they will not think of unsubscribing to your contents. You can also send out news flashes when there are interesting happenings that interest your clients or affect their businesses.

SEO Friendliness:
It is great to have a good website with amazing features. However, your site will be useless if no one sees it or generates little traffic. Hence, when developing your website, you should think of how to make it SEO-friendly to boost its visibility. One way to boost your site visibility and enhance your place on search engines is to keep your website up to date with relevant information and new industry trends. You should also consider using strong keywords and that people regularly look for. Also, use SEO strategies to boost your ranking on search engines including Google.

Best Consulting Websites

We highlighted some websites below for you to have an idea of what your consulting website should look like. The idea is not for you to replicate what they have, we are recommending them as a possible source of inspiration for you and the ideal clients you hope to serve.

Our top picks are:

Saicon consulting has one of the best consulting websites. Some of the amazing features of the website include great navigation features that help you move around the website easily, a separate segment for the global news update, a display of their business partners and recognized brands they work with, contact links for customers to get in touch, and much more. Other features that make it a good website are the color combinations that align with brand technology, a customized homepage with great pictures, and recently released blog posts. However, Saicon could use a better font that complements the brilliant design idea.

Cognizant has a good web layout with a white background and nice colors to complement it. The site also has clear images that align with the messaging on the web. The website also features news on industry trends, scholarships, technological development, and innovation, among others. Navigating through the site is also easy as the navigation links are well arranged on the top of the homepage.

Entara Corp
Powered by YJT Solutions, Entara corp is a great website to check out. The web design has amazing features such as bright color combinations, high-quality pictures, short video content, and the presence of a unique value proposition statement on the web homepage. The segments are well arranged and properly structured. Also, the page navigations are at the top of the web page, making it easy for you to navigate through the website.

Another interesting consulting website you should check out is Ahead. With a white background and nice font color and style. The layout is also impressive as there are roadmaps on the site that guides your navigation. Also, there are few sentences on the sites while interesting pictures are incorporated in the necessary areas. With that, the audience will not get confused or lost on the webpage.

When you visit these sites, highlight the features you like about the site and those features that are a turnoff for you. The ones you like can be developed and added to your website. However, you can remove the features or elements that are less impressive or modify them to suit your business.

For additional insight on the best tech websites or marketing strategies for tech companies, feel free to reach out to us at [email protected] or fill out our contact form here.

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