What is a quick way to improve my LinkedIn ROI? (Part 2)

November 18, 2009

Yesterday, I talked about how to improve your profile on linkedin. Today, I want to discuss getting value out of the professional networking site because lots of people always ask me why they should spend the time.

Simple Technique: Answer Questions.

People love experts. They want to get expert advice, they want to recommend an expert, they want to use an expert’s services and they may even just want to be able to say they talked to an expert.

Well, LinkedIn Answers gives you the ability to be an expert. I have on several occasions been able to answer a question well and then received a contact from the person who asked it seeing if I would be interested in creating a quote for them.


The easiest way to do this, is put “Answers” widgets on your linked in home page from categories that you have knowledge of. Every once in a while, glance through a couple of the recent questions and see if you can provide value.


I understand it is hard to keep up, trust me that I am not able to do it every day. So, just ask your co-workers to help out and show that your entire organization is filled with experts.

One last thought – provide a quality response. You will not help yourself by promoting your business more than answering a question or giving vague feedback in hopes they need to call you first. Show you have value and people will come.

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