Should we redesign or refresh our website?

August 11, 2010

Over the past few weeks, the Insivia team has introduced some changes to our website?an updated site structure and a video-based method of content delivery. However, the "look and feel" of the site stayed pretty consistent to what was there before. Last year, we did a complete overhaul. You could say that this year we realigned the site while last year, we redesigned (more on that here). Both were the right solutions for our marketing and informational goals.

Which is right for your organization?

Refresh your site because:

  1. The foundation of your website is strong, but you know it's time to accommodate new types of content like video, blogs, or social media feeds.
  2. Your usability tests show that users are able to take action, but you'd like to enhance and improve that experience.
  3. You have serious brand recognition, and there aren't any plans for changing the identity. However, there are elements of the site that look seriously dated.
  4. You've introduced new services or products to your site, and addressing the information architecture of the site is becoming more and more important.

Redesign your site because:

  1. It's been many years since your last redesign, and your site's turned into a hodgepodge or is unusable.
  2. The main audience of your site has changed dramatically—or their goals and needs have.
  3. The results of your usability tests show that your site is not at all in line with helping users take action.
  4. Your company has been undergoing a huge branding transformation, so the site is no longer in line with the corporate identity.

So, you can tell through these lists that a refresh was the right choice for us when it came to addressing the site. Refreshes are really useful because they incrementally introduce cutting-edge features and fresh content to your audience (and, let's face it, users don't like change).

And remember: no matter which, be sure to review your analytics and conduct user interviews and surveys to get an accurate perspective on the successes of your current site. It's really exciting for stakeholders to redesign the site, but be sure that you're including the needs of the most important people for the site?your audience.

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