The top 50% of the fastest growing SaaS businesses generate much higher upsells than their competitors. The larger the business, the greater the impact of upselling

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Upsells are a Secret to Growing the Business Twice as Fast The top 50% of growers generate more upsell business than their slower growing competitors. The difference in growth rates becomes more pronounced as the business scales into the $15M+ in annual revenue range where upselling companies grow more than twice as fast. In the early days of the business, net new account growth is a priority for most businesses but the growth rate data and CAC data indicate that upselling existing customers is an important and underemphasized key to growth.

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Cloud application services (SaaS) to reach $126 billions by the end of 2021

Publicly-traded SaaS companies have an average Revenue Per Employee of $200,000

Getting paid in advance is really smart idea if you can do it without impacting bookings, as it can provide the cash flow that you need to cover your cash problem

When venture capitalists participate in seed rounds, the average round size is 3x larger

The average company booking professional services revenue on new deals is equivalent to 16% of the first year subscription value. Professional services margins are approximately 22%

For a SaaS business of almost any scale, the valuation impact of better retention is in the tens of millions over time

Cloud-hosted applications have a 99% uptime

The average SaaS business generates 16% of its new Annual Contract Value (ACV) from upselling to existing customers

If your Net Revenue Churn is high (above 2% per month) it is an indicator that there is something wrong in your business

Growth rate accelerates in the expansion stage ($2.5M – $10M ARR)

More SaaS & Tech Growth Strategy Stats

In 2018, the U.S. imported aerospace products worth about 53.98 billion U.S. dollars.

For SaaS companies valued at over $1billion, the median amount of financing raised is $206million

Companies with longer contracts (2+ years) reported the lowest annual unit churn

After $10M in ARR, the median growth rate slows to just under 50%

26% of SAAS companies with at least $15MM in GAAP revenue had a revenue growth rate + EBITDA margin of 40% or higher.

The global cloud computing market size is expected to grow from USD 371.4 billion in 2020 to USD 832.1 billion by 2025

In contrast to these, the median annual churn rate for smaller, private SaaS companies with less than $10M in revenue is 20%

The median SaaS business loses about 10% of its revenue to churn each year and that works out to about 0.83% revenue churn a month

Japanese company Hitachi accounted for three percent of the world’s market for diagnostic imaging in 2017.

More than two thirds of SAAS companies experienced annual churn rates of 5% or higher

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