Publicly-traded SaaS companies have an average Revenue Per Employee of $200,000

From Tomasz Tonguz
Statistic in SaaS & Tech Growth Strategy

One way of measuring the efficiency of a company’s revenue model is to benchmark revenue per employee. Google and Facebook, the two most efficient companies, generate $1M per revenue per employee per year.

Setting aside those exceptional cases and focusing instead on SaaS companies, the typical average revenue per employee is about $190k to $210k per year.

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The very best SaaS businesses have a negative revenue churn rate and will have a Revenue Retention Rate of greater than 100%

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Revenue per employee has been steadily increasing in SAAS companies. It serves as a great longitudinal measuring stick to understand the increasing or decreasing efficiency of the business

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To generate a single dollar of new customer revenue, Field Sales strategies have an average Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) of $1.14

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When determining Sales Capacity, “it’s worth noting that some percentage of new sales hires won’t meet expectations, so that should be taken into consideration when setting hiring goals. Typically we have seen failure rates around 25-30% for field sales reps, but this varies by company. The failure rate is lower for inside sales reps. can be counted as half of a productive rep”

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If your Net Revenue Churn is high (above 2% per month) it is an indicator that there is something wrong in your business