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Drive business growth for fresh and evolving start-ups

Our team has worked with hundreds of start-ups, driving growth through innovation, diversification, and efficiency.

Tech Start-Up & Product Innovation

We accelerate start-up growth by reducing friction in conversion, maximizing the product expansion process, and delivering ongoing value through strategic diversification to drive increased revenue.

As power has shifted from traditional business models to innovation, we facilitate a pipeline of fresh products and revenue streams that can scale without needing additional labor.

The Future Of Tech Startups: Trends And Predictions

Tech Spinouts & Business Reinvention

We align innovation and market needs to deliver a seamless process and inject personalization into business growth to drive success.

Customized growth strategies and complex product development processes for start-ups leverage strong handoff from traditional constraints to unconstrained growth.

The Art of Corporate Spin-Outs: When to spin-out? How to spin-out?

Andy Halko
Andy Halko
Founder & CEO

I started Insivia in 2002 and for over 22 years I have had the chance to work directly with hundreds of companies and founders to redefine or reinvent their businesses.

We recognize the unique hurdles that start-ups and growth-stage businesses face. Having worked closely with companies like yours, we’ve encountered these obstacles first hand. However, with a well-defined strategy, consulting for early-stage start-ups can result in accelerated growth and ultimate success.

Challenge #1: Hitting a Growth Ceiling

Start-ups often struggle with scaling their businesses, leading to stagnant or declining growth. Our professional experience offers us strategies to navigate these challenges and keep your company evolving and expanding.

Challenge #2: Limited Resources

Resource constraints are a common issue in the entrepreneurship world. Understanding how startups can finance their growth is crucial. We’ve developed insights into balancing the growth and financial capabilities of early-stage start-ups, allowing us to customize our approach to fit your unique situation.

Challenge #3: Overworking and Burnout

The pressure of running a start-up can often lead to overworking and burnout, which in turn negatively affects business growth. We have proven strategies to increase efficiency, reduce the need for more employees, and prevent burnout.

Challenge #4: Losing Clients to Competitors

The fear of losing clients to competitors can be a barrier to business growth. We have solutions to diversify your offerings, reach new markets, and retain your existing clients.

Let’s overcome these challenges and succeed in the start-up world together. Our expertise and tailored strategies can make your journey as a start-up founder or small business owner smoother and more rewarding.

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