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We understand the challenges that device companies face to grow.

B2B devices are at the forefront of concepts to innovate industries – needing a specialized approach to market and sell.

Industrial Devices

IoT has enabled new forms of communication among connected devices and opened up access to capabilities previously unavailable in traditional manufacturing environments.

With this technology, production lines can be monitored in real-time and data collected to identify discrepancies and areas of improvement. IoT can largely automate many processes, allowing for manufacturers to react quickly to changing customer requirements or unplanned events while reducing the risk of human error.

We support technology and device companies looking to penetrate into these markets with both traditional and digital marketing tactics. Our media capabilities help tell stories of value to manufacturers as well.

Industrial Internet of Things Market Trends

Medical Devices

We help medical device companies sell to healthcare, pharma and consumers.
The medical device industry is constantly evolving, therefore it’s important to stay up-to-date with newly developed technologies and solutions that help enhance the quality of patient care.

Hospitals need effective treatments and innovative technology in order to provide the best possible outcomes for their patients – having an effective brand presence is key when it comes to winning their trust and demonstrating the value of your product

When targeting large healthcare organizations – you must educate leadership, administrators, doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals on the benefits and capabilities of using your technology in order to give them a better understanding of how it improves care delivery across departments (e.g., operating theaters, ICUs).

Medical Device Industry Trends for 2024

Andy Halko
Andy Halko
Founder & CEO

I started Insivia in 2002 and for over 22 years I have had the chance to work directly with hundreds of companies and founders to redefine or reinvent their businesses.

We understand the specific hurdles and roadblocks that the B2B industrial and medical device industries face. We have hands-on experience with B2B businesses like yours and have witnessed many of these challenges up-close. Yet, we believe that with a solid strategy and impactful marketing, selling your devices can be both effective and rewarding.

Challenge #1: Establishing Unique Market Positioning

In a market saturated with devices, carving a niche for yourself can be daunting. Our expertise in strategic positioning and go-to-market planning can help you stand out amidst competition and garner customer attention.

Challenge #2: Retaining Customers

Retaining customers in the device industry can be tricky given the constant innovations and advancements. Our know-how in optimizing products and improving the user experience can help keep your customers loyal to your brand.

Challenge #3: Conveying your Unique Value Proposition

Convincing prospective customers about the value of your device can be a real challenge. Our skills in content writing and intuitive website design can effectively showcase your product and its benefits to your target audience.

Challenge #4: Staying Up-to-Date with industry trends

The device industry is evolving rapidly making it challenging to stay current with the trends and technology in IoT and smart devices. Our specialized approach to marketing and selling for industrial and medical device companies, will help you stay ahead of the curve.

Let’s overcome these challenges and succeed in the B2B device business together. Our strategies and marketing techniques are designed to effectively scale your business, drive leads and conversions, and define your unique positioning for success.

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