Senior Account & Project Manager

Lead clients and projects.

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Senior Designer, Digital & Interactive

Design & build sophisticated, innovative websites

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Our foundation

Our core values are not for vanity, they inspire, guide and drive our team every single day.

Our approach isn’t just a process. It’s a way of thinking. Our personality, our culture. How we see problems and even more important – finding smart solutions to solve them.

Think Smart.

Have thoughtful purpose behind everything you do.

Act Bold.

Never be afraid to fail. Go big. Be different.

Always Innovate.

Learn something new; hell, create something new.

Drive Harder.

Always strive for better; have a sense of urgency..

Be Passionate.

Love what you do. Work from your heart as much as your head.

Open Yourself.

We are all students and teachers at all times..

Where to find us

The remote work manifesto.

After 18 years headquartered in Ohio with a fancy agency office, we decided to change everything. Better work-life balance, access to talent anywhere, flexibility for global clients in different timezones ... it just made sense and made our team happier and more productive. Now we have full-time team members in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas, and Nevada.

Our CEO's Remote Work Manifesto
Andy Halko
Andy Halko
Founder & CEO

I started Insivia in 2002 and for over 22 years I have had the chance to work directly with hundreds of companies and founders to redefine or reinvent their businesses.

I started Insivia at the age of 22 – right out of college at John Carroll University in Cleveland. A self-taught programmer with a business degree and an entrepreneurial spirit, I just went for it.

There is no education like building a plane after you’ve jumped off the cliff, but 22+ years later the company that began in a small room with a desk is thriving.

My favorite part? I have met hundreds of business owners, leadership teams and dedicated employees — across hundreds of companies all over the world. I’ve talked with them about their challenges and strategies with a single purpose of helping them evolve and succeed.

Our core values above are me. That’s on purpose. They clearly articulate what you should expect whether you want to be a part of us or hire us.

Intelligence, risk-taking, innovation, drive, passion and empathy. It’s in our work. It’s in our relationships. It’s why we built the products we have.

They say if you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life. I actually do, it’s not a platitude. 22 years under my belt with many more to come. Helping companies do big things. Reinventing whats been done before. Hopefully changing the world for the better.