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Software web design is a lot more than just an interface – it’s the user experience. There are many aspects that can affect your company’s success or failure and one of them is the user experience.

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How to Create the Best Websites for B2B SaaS Companies

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In short, a B2B Software as a Service (SaaS) company strives to solve problems and pain points for businesses by hosting applications on the internet. In the cloud-based model, software products are hosted on the company’s server but can be accessed and utilized by customers remotely.  B2B SaaS companies handle several business functions, including customer […]

Best Medical Device Websites


In this article, we shall highlight the best medical device websites where you can have access to vital information that helps you in product design and market penetration strategies.

Interview with a Designer

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Designing a website (or anything, really) is not for the faint of heart. It requires many conscientious, well-thought-out decisions regarding elements that the untrained eye wouldn’t normally pick up on without some guidance. Having an expertly designed website is more than just making it look nice. It’s about functionality and subconscious, subtle cues to push […]

Saving SEO Face in the Wake of a Website Redesign

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You’ve worked hard over the years making sure your website is well-optimized. You’ve spent countless nights reading up on Google’s latest algorithm updates, wondering how they’re going to affect your website traffic and search rankings. You may have dabbled in some black- or grey-hat techniques in the past, but you’ve since seen the errors of […]

7 Ways to Make Your CTA Work for You

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In a previous post, we discussed Why Your Website Is the Center of Your Marketing Strategy, and as such your website should be capturing leads on a steady basis. If it’s not, why? Most likely it’s because you aren’t asking a lead to take an action or you aren’t providing the lead with a compelling […]

Why Search Traffic Is Still the Top Driver for Software Companies

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In a world of ever-evolving technology and processes, a lot has changed when it comes to SEO. Because of this change, B2B marketers need to reconsider their lead generation strategies.Need more convincing? Check out these statistics Google found on the most recent trends:Almost half (48%) of customers uncover B2B tech brands they haven’t heard of […]

Simplicity: The Key to Website Conversions

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No matter what kind of industry or business you may be in, your website has one goal: To make the customer’s experience seamless so they continue coming back for more.But with today’s growing technology, it’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of it all. It’s tempting to want to add every possible feature, […]

Why A/B Testing Is a Must

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Picture this: You head into a clothing retailer to buy a new shirt. While the store has a bunch of different styles, they only have one color – blue. The retailer has assumed that everyone likes the color blue, so that’s the only option they provide. Since you weren’t exclusively looking for a blue shirt, […]

Can Your Website Be Converting Better?

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One of the biggest foundations of high sales is increasing your company’s conversion rates. After all, companies that have a solid approach to conversion optimization are more likely to double their sales. So why don’t companies spend more time on their conversion optimization? One word: Routine. It’s easy to get caught up in the day-to-day […]

Why Your Website Is the Center of Your Marketing Strategy

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In a world that relies mostly on technology – from smartphones to laptops – your website is more important than ever. And, since over 75% of Internet users search for products to buy online, you’ll want to make sure your website has everything it needs.Did we mention that the global number of Internet users is […]

How Website Aesthetics Impact Conversion

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Many aspects come into play when it comes to conversions. The first few things that usually pop into people’s minds are elements like content, searchability, and user friendliness. But one area that often gets neglected is the overall aesthetics of your site.When you first visit a website, you’re taking it all in – the look […]

The Top 5 Trends Currently Developing in Website Design

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Unless you’re a professional website designer, it can be a bit of a headache to stay on top of all the various design changes and advances that seem to be popping up on a daily basis. But as a professional, you know it’s critical to keep your website user-friendly and interesting. As 2017 progresses, there […]

An Applied Innovation Model

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Innovation and creativity are becoming increasingly valuable as the need for unique solutions to business problems becomes more salient. Cognitive psychologist Scott Barry Kaufman argues that the creative process can be viewed in four stages: 1. Preparation – identify the problem and perform research 2. Incubation – passive, unconscious period where innovation “percolates” 3. Illumination […]

Why a Mobile-Friendly Site Improves Your Rank

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You’re at a friend’s house and you want to go to a restaurant. You aren’t familiar with the area, so you use the Google app on your phone to search “restaurants nearby.” You see two promising Mexican options and decide to look at the menus, but one of them makes you zoom and pinch the […]

Law Firm Websites: What Works & What Doesn’t

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Most attorney websites have a history of being boring and bland. Pages and pages of legal history and attorney-speak can only be spiffed up so much. Law firms find themselves confronting a “new business landscape” that’s far more competitive. Differentiation is certainly the name of the game — firms must differentiate to survive. The content […]

6 Things to Avoid On a Law Firm Website

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1. Packing the Homepage With Too Much Information Be informative, yet concise. A common mistake with many websites- and legal sites in particular- is when too much content gets stuffed into the homepage. Take the time to think through your site map (the core structure of your website pages and pathways) before you build anything. […]

4 Things to Consider When Choosing a CMS for Your Law Firm


Choosing a content management system (CMS) for your law firm is a tricky business. A CMS is, to put it simply, the software you use to build a website. One of the most popular, which you have probably heard of, is WordPress. We use WordPress here at Insivia for both our own site and our […]

How Your Website is Costing Your Law Firm Money


Everyone is always looking for the next big sell. Marketing plans are created, meetings held, proposals approved. And yet, your revenue isn’t where you would like it to be. It’s time to take a different approach. So, let’s look at the face of your firm: your website. This is your first impression, digitally speaking.This is […]

The Never Ending Webpage


Have you noticed anything different about some of the websites you’ve been visiting lately?

Quick Design Tips for Social Media


Today Chad shares a quick tip for when you are designing assets for your social media networks. Video Transcription Hey guys a quick Insivia Insight for you. When you’re designing for social media services, websites, and apps like Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn oftentimes these companies use very strict set of guidelines for their services, so […]

3 Important Usability Features


There are many elements that go into making a website usable and it can be easy for one of them to ruin the success of your website.

What Makes a Website Usable?

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Today Matt shares 3 things that can decide whether or not your site is usable. Video Transcription Hey everybody! We’re talking about usability this month and today I want to explain what actually makes a website usable. Well there’s a few things that go into deciding whether or not your website is user-friendly and the […]

What is the most important information on a page?


Today Andy lets you know what you need to do to make sure that your most important information is in the right place on your site. Video Transcription Hello everybody, we just recently did one of our blog videos on information above the fold and had an interesting piece of feedback from one of our […]

Why is White Space Important for Usability?


Today Justin explains why white space is important for your sites usability. Video transcription When designing a website something you always want to keep in mind is white-space and how it’ll affect your site’s usability. Three things usually come to mind. If you want to put emphasis on something whether the headline or button, leave […]

How Can You Make Your Site’s Copy Scannable?

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Today Matt explains what you can do to make your site’s copy scannable for the user. Video Transcription Hey everybody we’re talking about usability and today I want to explain why it’s important for your website to be scannable. Users can get really frustrated if they can’t look through a website for a few seconds […]

Where Should the Most Important Information Be on Your Website?


Today Chad explains where you should be placing the most important information on your website. Video Transcription Hey everybody. Here’s a quick Insivia insight for you. Now you may be wondering where do I put the most important parts of my website. Well that’s simple put them at the top. You’ll notice on a lot […]

What is A/B Testing?

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Today Andy explains what A/B testing is and how you can benefit from using it. Video Transcription Morning everybody, today I want to talk about A/B testing. So what is A/B testing? It’s the option of going on a certain web page of your site and testing out two different versions so you would have […]

Top 10 Usability Musts


Check out these 10 Usability features your site needs to have to perform up to standards.

Should Important Information Be Placed Below the Fold?


Today Patrick explains if you should place important content below the fold. Video Transcription A common misconception that a lot of web marketers have and even designers as well is that all the important and relevant information on your home page or any really page on your site has to be above the fold, but […]

How Can You Distribute Your Content?

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Today Patrick shares some tips on how to distribute your content. Video Transcription As important as it is to write amazing content and to share amazing content, you really need to think about what you are doing to distribute so that your audience can find that content, share it with their friends, and come back […]

How Should You Design For Mobile?

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Today Chad explains how you should plan to design for mobile in order to make it work for the user. Video Transcription When designing for my mobile site there are a few things you need to keep in mind. One of them is making sure the site has all the information you need accessible. Don’t […]

Should You Submit an XML Sitemap?

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Today Rick lets you know if you still need to worry about submitting an XML sitemap. Video Transcription Hey everyone, Rick Scheeser here and today I’m here to talk to you about site maps. With the evolution of Google and how fast they can scan and analyze websites on the web we get a lot […]

Design Tips: How Can You Use Photoshop’s Timeline Tool?

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Today Chad is talking about the new update to Photoshop’s Timeline and how you can use it to help with design. Video Transcription Photoshop CS6 has really updated its timeline function. What the timeline is in Photoshop is your ability to open up a video file and manipulate it to an extent. Its not as […]

E-Commerce Platforms for Success


In the world of e-commerce businesses are striving for one thing, to do business better and faster. It’s about attempting to give your customers controlled access and let them serve themselves. In order to achieve the results you want, you must dedicate your efforts to a series of online tactics and integrate your business seamlessly […]