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The impact of the global pandemic on the human race has been significant…

Ranging from rising death tolls across countries, social distancing measures to restrictions in movement and economic downturn in most countries. Notwithstanding, the global pandemic has also shaped other spheres of our existence, especially in business activities, triggering businesses to create innovative ways to boost revenue growth and enhance their customer experience. Notable among the solutions is the adoption of technology to reinforce their online presence, in that way, reaching out to their clients amid lockdown measures.

To state the obvious, the pandemic birthed an increasing awareness about personal wellbeing and general health status. Also, the demand for quality medical services has been on the rise globally. Hence, it is imperative for you as a player in the medical industry to leverage this new trend. In this article, we shall highlight the best medical device websites where you can have access to vital information that helps you in product design and market penetration strategies. We shall also identify ways to create great website designs and how to improve existing ones. So let us get started:

Top Notch Medical Device Websites

A core survival strategy in the medical technology industry is the ability to develop creative medical devices that helps in enhancing human health. Interestingly, several interesting websites can keep you abreast of key trends in the medical industry and other relevant information needed in developing great medical devices. Below are our top picks:

  • Medical Device Academy Blog: This is owned and operated by Medical Device Academy. The organization is known for assisting medical engineers with regulatory compliance, quality auditing, submissions of regulatory documents and filings. On this site, you can have access to vital information related to compliance, process control, and validation. Contents and information provided on this site are put together by experts in the medical industry. By following regulatory tips and advice shared on the site, you can be sure you are delivering great service under regulations in the industry.
  • FDA Law- Medical Devices: This blog is handled by Hyman Phelps and McNamara, PC, the biggest Food and Drug Law firm in the United States. They provide regulatory requirements information regarding the medical technology industry. Aside from the general FDA laws and regulations they share on the site, they also share news updates about Food and Drug Administration, FDA. This news cut across different sections, including medical devices, Vitro Diagnostic devices, among others.
  • Forma Medical Device Product Development Blog: s a medical device product designer, you should familiarize yourself with this website as they share great content and ideas related to product development. The site is owned and operated by Forma Medical Design, a household name in the medical device product design and development. You can also have access to tips and advice related to innovative medical device product development and improvement on the site. Information on market trends, cost efficiency, energy sources, among others, are also available on the site as their posts are driven by extensive research.
  • MD+MI Online: MD+MI, through its site, intends to help you create a balance between developing an innovative and durable medical device. MD+MI provides you with current happening in the medical device industry, while also sharing updates in the diagnostic (cardiovascular, Orthopedic, IVD, etc) industry. This news and information are majorly focused on the components and spares of medical devices such as pumps, valves, etc. Information related to sourcing for the right inputs, process automation, manufacturing processes, product design and engineering, market research, regulatory requirements, technological advancement (Artificial Intelligence, Digital Health, Robotics, Implants, etc) can also be gotten from the site. They also provide content related to research and development, thereby providing you with insights to aid your product design and development.
  • Science Daily: One of the key drivers of innovative product development is the ability to transform scientific ideas and discoveries into a working solution. This site is the home for updates regarding the latest scientific findings and discoveries. These findings span the human environment, health, technology, among others. They share updates on diseases and chronic health conditions (Diabetes, heart diseases, obesity, etc) and possible solutions. You can infer solutions and ideas to develop essential medical devices that can enhance human care through this information. Scientific discoveries and contents on technology, solar system, astronomy, nanotechnology, quantum physics, fossil fuels, among others, are also available on the site.
  • WIRED Magazine: This site gives extensive information on new trends in technological advancement concerning the business environment. Questions around how technological development can affect businesses, communications, science, etc, are answered on the site. This implies that the site gives you an insight into creating a link between technology and other aspects of human life. Beyond science, there are also news regarding politics, policy formation and implementation, economic interactions between nations globally, among others, and the impacts of these on your business and the industry at large.
  • Knobbe Medical: his site is highly useful for tracking investment in the medical device industry and the general health care industry. Information about Mergers and acquisitions, Corporate finance, private equity, and the likes, are available on this site. Hence, if you intend to acquire a smaller company or merge with another firm in the industry, you should visit the site frequently for a broader understanding of capital-raising activities in the industry. Besides, some information on relevant associations you should join both as an organization or individual working in the medical device industry are available. There are also updates and resources on regulatory and compliance requirements in the medical industry.
  • MedTech Views: edtech views is another great site you should visit. It provides an interactive and discussion platform for experts across the European Medical device industry. Discussions around product design and development, productivity improvement, cost-effectiveness, operational efficiency, etc, are examined on this online forum. Also, topics on medical conditions, businesses, pain and stress management, ethics, business management, research & innovation, among others, are all up for discourse.
  • Medical Futurist: As the name suggests, the blog is specifically based on new and future trends in technology advancements, that is what the future would likely be for the medical industry. The site provides possible technological solutions to challenges around human health and the medical industry at large. From this, you can get insights and leads to ways to develop innovative medical devices that could help solve medical problems or save lives. Topics available on the site include artificial intelligence in medicine, health insurance, robotics, science fiction and discoveries, research on digital health, etc.

Creating effective website design for Medical device

Having highlighted vital websites that could enhance your product design and development, it is essential we talk about how to make these products and other services you offer visually appealing to your clients. With a nicely crafted website design, you can attract the right set of customers, thereby intensifying your sales growth. Let us take a look at the things to consider when creating a medical design website:

  • Quality imagery: Most medical device companies’ websites are quite poor on this. They rarely use captivating images that can command attraction. This is an opportunity you should consider exploring. Fortify your website with creative and informative visuals that echo what you do and the functionality of your products. The quality of the picture should be of a high standard and they should convey the messages you intend to pass across with clarity.
  • Easy User Experience and Interface: In a survey conducted by Small business trend in 2019, it was established that 94% of the respondents mentioned that users are more comfortable with the website with easy navigation features. Understandably, the medical industry has a web of information, and demystifying these pieces of information may be challenging. Try to keep the navigation features on your site easy and simple. You can try using a tree approach in which you put topics in large groups which users can see at a glance. From there, users can then navigate through the group they would like to focus on. You can also introduce a banner that briefly describes each group and provides context to what they mean.
  • Creating sections: Just like in every other industry, there are categories of website users, ranging from customers (patients) to practitioners, prospective business partners, etc. It is advisable to present your sites in sections for these user categories. You can keep it simple by having just two to three sections, one for your patients (clients) and the other for practitioners. With that patients with interests in your products and services can easily navigate through your site, thereby boosting a good customer service experience.
  • Search Engine Optimization: No one wants to build a website that does not generate enough online traffic. Hence, it is crucial to use keywords when designing your site. Search Engine Journal, in one of its research reports, highlighted that 93% of browsing sessions start with the use of a search engine. As a result, you should ensure that you work towards being digitally visible to attract customers. Start by identifying the topics that are closely related to what your business does and incorporate those keywords into your website design.
  • Discussion Sections: Aside from the purchase of medical devices, people also visit websites where they can have access to great content and key information that helps them live healthily. Take out time to understudy your competitors and identify essential topics they do not discuss. Develop capacities in these topics by assigning them to experts in your organization. Encourage them to follow trends related to those topics and let them develop blog posts that you can put in a designated session for posts on your website. This will help you to increase the number of people that visit your site, in that way, helping your business development.
  • Mobile device Support: Many of us have become more comfortable with our mobile devices to the extent that we carry out virtually all online activities on them. The same thing applies to your clients, many at times, users want to access your site on the go without necessarily having to sit with a personal computer. From a research point of view, research reports from Quartz stated that about 70% of internet users browse with the use of their mobile devices. Having this in mind, your website should be responsive on mobile gadgets as it puts you a step ahead of your competitors.
  • Support 24 hours access time: Your patients or clients are more likely to have different schedules. As such, they will prefer to visit your site at different time points, based on their free time. If your website is functional at any time of the day, clients will choose you over a competitor with a less responsive site. In essence, ensure you design a site that is responsive and easily accessible at any point in time.

How to Improve the performance of your website

  • Boost your website speed: Generally, clients can be quite impatient when trying to access a site. They will rather stay glued to the site that responds fast and give the required information in time. As a result, it is crucial for you to improve your site speed to boost customer experience. Having an efficient web hosting plan, enabling storage of temporary data (caching), using a content delivery network, among others, are various ways you can explore to improve your site speed.
  • Revamp old and obsolete site: If your site is old, say you built it more than 4 years ago, you should consider changing the web design. The reason is that there are new approaches to website designs that portray your website as old and obsolete. To avoid losing customer leads to competitors with more attractive clients, you should revamp your web page design in line with new and fresh web design ideas.
  • Search Engine Optimization: As we mentioned earlier, the impact of SEO on business development and customer attraction cannot be overemphasized. If your site is underperforming, you should consider incorporating the use of search engine keywords in your website design. If you have an existing list, review the list in line with current happenings in the medical device industry and the health care environment as a whole. In that way, you can increase traffic on your site.