eCommerce Sales Tools Tips

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Today, Rick shares with us some sales tools and tips specifically for increasing sales on an eCommerce platform. Video Transcription: I want to talk to you about sales tools pertaining specifically to ecommerce. Nowadays, there is nothing more important when you’re selling things online, than social sharing. What this allows your customers to do is […]

Creating a Great Sales Presentation

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Today, Rick and Andy sit down together and have a conversation about what makes a good sales presentation and the right and wrong ways to use them to close sales. Video Transcription: Andy: I want to talk about creating a great sales presentation. A situation I always see is the “death by presentation” situation, and […]

The Importance of Surveying your Clients

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Today, Rick talks about a tool that can help you build a better sales process and put you in a better position to close sales in the future. One thing I wanted to talk to you about today, is not specifically a sales tool, but it’s something you can do and integrate into your business […]

Choosing the Right Sales Tool for the Right Process

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Today, Andy shares some tips for making sure you’re using the right materials and sales tools for the right processes. November is all about creating great sales tools, and on November 26th we will be holding a seminar teaching you how to create great presentations using proposals, software, and all types of tools to help […]

Autoresponders, Drip Campaigns, and Your CRM.

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Autoresponders, drip campaigns, and your CRM can be vital to have in your company’s sales tools. Derek takes us through each of these tools and how they fit together in your sales process. Autoresponders – what are they? They’re almost exactly what they sound like. They’re automated emails that are sent to a customer after […]

The Importance of Marketing Automation Software

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Rick gives us some insights on how to streamline and optimize your online sales funnel to convert leads faster than ever. One of the things thats most important to integrate into your business right away, is marketing automation software. Whether it’s HubSpot, Pardot, Marketo, just to name a few, it’s something that you need to […]

Maintaining an Effective Sales Team

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Matt shares with us some tips for educating and maintaining your sales team to keep them up-to-date on industry changes, product updates, and new services your business might be experiencing.One of the most important sales tools you can have is your sales team, but in order to maintain an effective sales teams, you have to […]

Blue Ocean Strategy

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Today, Andy shares with us what a “Blue Ocean” strategy is and how to implement it in your business and marketing strategies.   Blue Ocean Strategy – A Red Ocean is an ocean where there’s a lot of competition, a lot of people fighting and a lot of blood in the water, which makes it […]