The software industry is a difficult one to break into. It’s hard to get your foot in the door and even harder to get those first few sales.

We’ll outline some strategies that might help you out on your way up the ladder.

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eCommerce Sales Tools Tips

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Today, Rick shares with us some sales tools and tips specifically for increasing sales on an eCommerce platform. Video Transcription: I want to talk to you about sales tools pertaining specifically to ecommerce. Nowadays, there is nothing more important when you’re selling things online, than social sharing. What this allows your customers to do is […]

Creating a Great Sales Presentation

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Today, Rick and Andy sit down together and have a conversation about what makes a good sales presentation and the right and wrong ways to use them to close sales. Video Transcription: Andy: I want to talk about creating a great sales presentation. A situation I always see is the “death by presentation” situation, and […]

The Importance of Surveying your Clients

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Today, Rick talks about a tool that can help you build a better sales process and put you in a better position to close sales in the future. One thing I wanted to talk to you about today, is not specifically a sales tool, but it’s something you can do and integrate into your business […]

Choosing the Right Sales Tool for the Right Process

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Today, Andy shares some tips for making sure you’re using the right materials and sales tools for the right processes. November is all about creating great sales tools, and on November 26th we will be holding a seminar teaching you how to create great presentations using proposals, software, and all types of tools to help […]

Autoresponders, Drip Campaigns, and Your CRM.

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Autoresponders, drip campaigns, and your CRM can be vital to have in your company’s sales tools. Derek takes us through each of these tools and how they fit together in your sales process. Autoresponders – what are they? They’re almost exactly what they sound like. They’re automated emails that are sent to a customer after […]

The Importance of Marketing Automation Software

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Rick gives us some insights on how to streamline and optimize your online sales funnel to convert leads faster than ever. One of the things thats most important to integrate into your business right away, is marketing automation software. Whether it’s HubSpot, Pardot, Marketo, just to name a few, it’s something that you need to […]

Maintaining an Effective Sales Team

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Matt shares with us some tips for educating and maintaining your sales team to keep them up-to-date on industry changes, product updates, and new services your business might be experiencing.One of the most important sales tools you can have is your sales team, but in order to maintain an effective sales teams, you have to […]

Blue Ocean Strategy

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Today, Andy shares with us what a “Blue Ocean” strategy is and how to implement it in your business and marketing strategies.   Blue Ocean Strategy – A Red Ocean is an ocean where there’s a lot of competition, a lot of people fighting and a lot of blood in the water, which makes it […]

Why Should You Use a Social Media Managment System?


Today Patrick shares how you can benefit from using a social media management system. Overview Social Media Management Tools let you schedule out your posts in bulk so you can have a day, week or even a month of posts scheduled and ready to go. These tools give you the ability to access all of […]

Why Should Video be Included in Email Campaigns?


Today Andy explains why you should include videos in your email campaign. Video Transcription So using videos in emails can be a really successful tactic and there are a couple reasons why. The first reason is if you’re putting a nice image of a video that people are going to click on with a great […]

Top 5 Tips for Creating Video


Today Andy gives you 5 different ways that you can make your video a success. Video Transcription Hello everybody! I want to talk today about the top five tips for creating videos. The first is keep it informational and valuable. What your audience really wants is to find value out of your videos. They want […]

How Does Video Help Build Trust?


Today Patrick shares how video can help you build trust with your customers. Video Transcription Using video as part of your web site or as part of your online marketing efforts is a really great way to build trust and to establish a connection with the prospect or with even your existing clients. The way […]

Do you need a Professional Setup for Videos?


Today Andy explains the importance using quality equipment for your videos. Video Transcription So people often wonder do I need to have a professional set up to create my videos. You know audio recording equipment, a great camera, lights and all these pieces. Well the answer is not necessarily no but it really does help […]

E-Commerce Platforms for Success


In the world of e-commerce businesses are striving for one thing, to do business better and faster. It’s about attempting to give your customers controlled access and let them serve themselves. In order to achieve the results you want, you must dedicate your efforts to a series of online tactics and integrate your business seamlessly […]

Why Use Opt-In Marketing?


Today Colin talks about Opt-In Marketing and how to make it work for your campaign. Video Transcription Opt-in marketing is the idea of giving your customers a choice to receive further marketing communication from you, usually email. Typically the approach is on a checkout form or a contact form to have a check box that […]

10 Design Mistakes To Avoid: Part 2


6) Making the Company Your Friend This is where the battle between the designer/developer and the marketing department comes to a head. Companies always want more information from their audience to help further target their marketing strategies, and to get this data they’ll want as many surveys filled out and social media links clicked as […]

What can a Product Configurator do for a Business?


Patrick fills you in on a few ways you can use a product configurator to improve your customer experience and help close a sale. Video Transcription A product configurator is a great way to show the difference between an engineered custom product and the off the shelf products your business might sell. Your configurator will […]

Should You Show Product Pricing?


Do you show product pricing? Today Patrick lets you know if you should be. Video Transcription I typically believe in showing the product pricing on your website even if your competitors are not doing so. It offers a level of transparency to your customers and it shows that you believe in your product enough to […]

Creating Custom Fonts


Today Chad explains how you can create custom fonts for your content with simple online programs. Video Transcription Thanks to advances in coding and programming, websites are now able to have custom fonts to an extent. Outside of the usual Arial and Georgia, now you’re able to use programs such as font squirrel, typekit and […]

Keep These Statistics in Mind for Your eCommerce Site


Andy shares a few valuable statistics you need to be aware of when building and improving your eCommerce site. Video Transcription When you are building an eCommerce site there’s a couple simple statistics that might be worth keeping in mind. One is that 2/3rds of visitors come to a website with a predetermined goal. So […]

How Important is Customer Service?


Today on Insivia Insights Patrick talks about the importance of customer service and what you need to do to ensure a positive relationship. Video Translation Hey guys let’s talk a little bit about customer service. It’s extremely important as we all know to keep trust with your clients and really perform to their expectations, so your […]

How can you Improve your Ecommerce Site for the Holidays?


With the holidays coming up, Andy lets you know how you can improve your ecommerce site. Video Transcription Hey, everybody! The holidays are coming up and it might be time to prepare your ecommerce site for the holiday sales. If you do have an ecommerce site then most likely what you want to do is […]

Revamping Your PPC Campaign for the Holiday Season


Andy gives you a few tips for revamping you PPC campaign for the Holiday Season! Video Transcription Hey, everyone! The holidays are coming up and you might be ready to revamp your PPC campaigns or pay per click campaigns to get some better results. Some things that you can do are lets add some holiday […]

How Shopify is Helping in the World of E-commerce

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We talk about Shopify and how it is helping to make the world of e-commerce easier. Video Transcription E-commerce is something I see changing quit a bit recently, and it’s important and a lot of companies are wanting to get involved with e-commerce and selling product online. Even the ones that don’t have a big […]

How to Prepare for a Sales Meeting


Andy lets you know what you can do to prepare for a sales meeting. Video Transcription So, what’s the best way to prepare for a sales meeting? One of the things that I do and I think a lot of us people that are out there talking to new customers is to do research get […]

Should my company be using a blog?


Patrick lets you know if your company should be using a blog. Video Transcription Something that we’re asked about quit frequently is if my company should be using a blog? And I do think that it is important for your company to use a blog or a resource library or a news update section or […]

Resource Library Design Relate to Fewer Support Calls


Laura explains how your resource library can impact the operations of your business. Video Transcription When we are talking about a well-designed resource library it’s really well designed for your clients and for customers. So one benefit of that is that it can reduce the amount of support calls that your staff is fielding. When […]

Great Ways to Start the Conversation


Word of mouth marketing is the most inexpensive and effective type of advertising you can get. Here are very easy ways to start some conversations about your business: Be Informative The first key to being successful in word-of-mouth marketing is not only to get your message out there, but to also make sure that the […]

Don’t Put your Business Card on the Back Burner


It goes without saying that almost every aspect of marketing yourself has changed now that social media has highjacked how we communicate and interact with one another. While the average American consumer has the ability to skip over traditional advertisements, opting to turn on their iPods during radio ads and fast-forward through commercials while watching […]

Package Design Plays in the Sales Success of a Product


The question comes down to whether you want to scream at your customer to make them want to buy your product or you want to create a pleasant introduction inviting them to try your product. It’s the reality that you can really say more with less. When you’re thinking about package design, remember that the […]