Choosing the Right Sales Tool for the Right Process

November 15, 2013

Today, Andy shares some tips for making sure you’re using the right materials and sales tools for the right processes.

November is all about creating great sales tools, and on November 26th we will be holding a seminar teaching you how to create great presentations using proposals, software, and all types of tools to help you convert more prospects into closed sales.

Today I want to talk about choosing the right material and sales tool for your sales process.

One thing we see a lot is that our customers don’t know when to present the right information. They all have different pieces from collateral material and videos to testimonials, and they all want help making it digital and interactive, but they haven’t sat down and thought about their sales process. One thing I like to do to make sure we are matching everything up to close better deals.

One thing to do is to map out your sales process so you can see exactly how your customers are interacting with you and your offerings.

Each column is each stage in the sales process. Generally, leads come in from a website, leads turn into an email you are following up on, then a phone call, meeting, proposal, follow up, review meeting, contracting, etc…

Map it all out in detail, make sure the entire process is clearly defined. On the Y axis, add the team members involved in the process, the person who owns that activity. Depending on the size of your organization it may be one person and it may be many.

In each box, look at what information the customer wants at that time. This is what they want in order to move forward in your process.

This exercise helps to answer the questions – How do I move people forward in our process? What pushes customers to the next stages.

If you are looking to create great materials, its important to map it out, understand what the prospect is looking for and how you are going to utilize that tool. Mapping out your sales process is a great way to help maximize the amount of deals you are closing and understand exactly what your customers are looking for.

Strategies to use when evaluating your sales process or learn what we can do to help you with strategic planning.

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