How To Adapt To What Your Customers Are Telling You

September 13, 2013

We’re about half way through Audience Analysis month here at Insivia, and today Rick tells us a little bit about how to leverage and adapt the information you’re getting from your audience.

Today I want to talk to you about a strategy that will help you adapt to what your customers are telling you. With this being audience analysis month at Insivia, we want to give you a quick tip that we use within our business and building out additional products for our clients that helps us a lot.

It all comes back to surveying your client list; using social media marketing or email marketing to identify questions to send out to your client list to get a better idea of their experience out in the real world. Is there some opportunity that your service or products may be able to help them improve in their day-to-day business or life? Being able to send out surveys and get as much data about our clients puts you in a position to start understanding your clients a little better and developing products or services directly for these people which target a specific need they’re identifying and telling you they have.

What I would do, is always keep a consistent flow of surveys you’re sending out to your client base to make sure you always have a good understanding of what they’re looking for, and possibly identifying if they have a specific need that can be your next great business opportunity.

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