Blue Ocean Strategy

October 18, 2013

Today, Andy shares with us what a "Blue Ocean" strategy is and how to implement it in your business and marketing strategies.


Blue Ocean Strategy

A Red Ocean is an ocean where there's a lot of competition, a lot of people fighting and a lot of blood in the water, which makes it really hard to sell because you've got so many people fighting against you.

A Blue Ocean means there's less competition, less blood in the water, less fighting and it's easy to sell.

As businesses, as we're going out and doing our marketing and trying to sell our services and products, we want to have as blue of an ocean as possible.

What you want to be able to do is walk into any sales meeting, or do your marketing, and have no one up against you. And there's a good way to do that, even in industries where there's a lot of competition.

Create something unique, something special that makes you different from what your competitors are doing.

This is also helpful when you're entering a new market. if you have some sort of product or service that's different from what anyone else is offering, then when competitors come in and say that they're a similar company, then you can show how you have a product that is very specific and different from anything they're doing.

A Blue Ocean is about creating a strategy where you don't have any other competition and you can go in and sell without having that obstacle.

So when you're looking at creating a strategic plan for your business in general, or specifically your marketing, you should be thinking about some things you can do to? make yourself completely different than your competition and remove them from the equation.

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