A boring webinar.

A surface level info session.

A veiled sales pitch.

The Secrets To SaaS SEO From A SaaS SEO Agency

Andy, founder of Insivia, will be your SaaS SEO Coach.

He's a little weird - taught himself to program in high school, started a business at 22, has worked with hundreds of companies on strategy over 20 years, and is a massive nerd when it comes to marketing - especially SEO.

Why won't it be a boring, surface-level sales pitch - because we want you to go holy shit these guys know their stuff and someday I gotta work with them.

Oh, you want more information about what's in this SaaS SEO webinar deep dive do you?

First, let it be known that we believe top search rank can be a game changer for any and every business - especially SaaS.

A wordy description and explanation.

There are hundreds of factors that influence your search rank and they are changing in their level of impact every few months.

Some of these factors you have simple control over while other it takes effort to get right. The reality is that there is not one silver bullet and it takes a combination of tactics to get the rank for the right phrases.

In this session we are going to explain tactics that we have used to not just win top 3 rank for ourselves, but also for a lot of our clients.

For SaaS companies, driving targeted traffic to get registrations, trials, and demos can quickly scale your user base and when you achieve rank it can be a long-lasting tactic that keeps paying for itself over and over.

A summarized list.

  • Technical SEO - what is it and what should you really care about.

  • What the heck are Core Web Vitals and why is everyone talking about them.

  • Everyone knows content matters, but what are the real secrets to get results.

  • Ah, I don't even know where to start with Link Building.

  • Picking phrases to target, tracking them, using tools to help, and all that jazz.

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