Customer’s lifetime value (LTV)= average revenue per user (ARPU) / monthly churn rate

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The topSAAS companieshave a LTV to CAC (the Cost to Acquire a typical Customer) ratio that is higher than 3


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High-growth companies offer a return to shareholders 5 times greater than medium-growth companies

SaaS solutions have the highest security features with 95% security failures due to human error

The average company booking professional services revenue on new deals is equivalent to 16% of the first year subscription value. Professional services margins are approximately 22%

The best SAAS businesses have a LTV to CAC ratio that is higher than 3, sometimes as high as 7 or 8

Is your SaaS business viable?

51% of large (revenue >$2.5million) SaaS companies use field sales as their primary method of distribution

All types of investment have grown, year-on-year, with the biggest growth during the seed stage of financing

As with unit churn, companies with longer contracts (2+ years) tend to report lower annual dollar churn

SaaS companies in the $7.5MM-$15MM range are among the fastest growers

Growing faster has twice as much impact on share price as improving margins

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54% treat upselling and add-on sales as high priority

Cloud application services (SaaS) to reach $126 billions by the end of 2021

Revenue Renewal Rate= (MRR up for the renewal at beginning of month- MRR not renewed at the end of month)/ MRR up for renewal at beginning of month)

Because of the losses in the early days, which get bigger the more successful the company is at acquiring customers, it is much harder for management and investors to figure out whether a SaaS business is financially viable.

Net-revenue churn improves with larger Average Contract Value (ACV), likely due to more structural churn among SMB customers and higher switching costs associated with larger contracts

In 2018, the revenue of General Dynamics amounted to nearly 36.2 billion U.S. dollars.

Only 8% of large companies use internet sales strategies. The proportion of companies relying on internet sales increases as company size decreases

The median cost for a SaaS company to acquire a dollar of new customer revenue is $1.18

The best SAAS businesses have a LTV to CAC ratio that is higher than 3, sometimes as high as 7 or 8

Sony’s PlayStation brand had accumulated approximately 38.57 million fans on the social network

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