market research

Vision Intelligence uses qualitative and quantitative research to uncover concrete strategic insights and opportunities.

Why Intelligence Matters

Concrete proof of assumptions ensures that strategies are significantly more effective.

Often leaders and their teams make gross assumptions with unrealistic confidence which is one of the most deadly traps in business. Market Research is key to making smart decisions, reducing risk, maintaining focus, and test hypothesis.

Creating a vivid vision and impactful strategy relies on real prospect, customer, and competitor data to realize success.

Insivia’s Vision Intelligence

Gain a deep understanding of prospects, customers, users, and competitors. Vision Intelligence mixes behavioral psychology and research methodologies to dig beyond surface-level answers to discover real drivers and competitive insight.

Research + Testing

We integrate the latest research techniques with deep industry, functional, and analytics expertise to help acquire and interpret the most value from information.


Intelligence is a key component of making the right decisions and our team can work with you prior to strategic planning to have the right data and insights.

Our unique Research-As-A-Service (RAAS) system allows you to obtain insights each month from customers, prospects, and competitors for a constant feed of market insight.

Prospect + Customer Interviews

We’ll develop questions, a script, make calls, organize data, and provide intelligent insight.


Online Surveys

Leverage lists of customers to gather mass data.


Focus Groups

Receive in-person insight into reactions and guided discussions.


Competitor Research

Put the spotlight on your competitors and dig up your next competitive advantage.


Usability Testing

Test software and digital experiences to understand bottlenecks and opportunities.



Monthly calls, survey, and competitor research for constant market insight.

Don’t Stop Here, Explore Our Full Program

Insivia’s Vision System works to identify and solve challenges to create clear and actionable culture, brand, operations, customer experience, and sales strategies.

Vision Analysis

Audit and assess existing culture and brand to identify gaps, challenges, and opportunities.

Vision Consulting

Exercise-based, collaborative consulting creating ah-ha moments to define and articulate your strategic vision.

Vision Communication

Evangelize your vision and align your team with tools to communicate and ensure consistency across your organization.