Marketing has changed drastically over the past decade. With an ever-growing number of people using mobile devices, it’s important to start incorporating strategies for reaching your customers on these platforms.

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The Top 5 Trends Currently Developing in Website Design

Article in Web & eCommerce

Unless you’re a professional website designer, it can be a bit of a headache to stay on top of all the various design changes and advances that seem to be popping up on a daily basis. But as a professional, you know it’s critical to keep your website user-friendly and interesting. As 2017 progresses, there […]

Does Print Advertising Drive Online Mobile Use?


Technology for your business is everywhere – from websites to mobile smart phones and apps – and with that comes plenty of opportunity to spread your brand’s presence online. However, does this mean you should devote all of your time and resources into online advertising? The answer is no! Much like a balanced diet, a […]

2011 Is the Year of Mobile!


I know you have heard it before, but 2011 really is the year that mobile is key for your marketing efforts! The statistics are all pointing to it. According to The Neilsen Group, smart phones will surpass all other types of phones as the year progresses – take a look at this graph: That means […]

What is a mobile companion site?


Expand your offerings by enhancing part of your site and delivering that on a mobile device. In fact, this new offering can be totally different from your site but still be integrated and act as a companion.

Will my site work on a mobile device? Part 2


Trying to find that local restaurant’s hours, a vendor’s address, the schedule for event, info about that product you want to buy, while on a bus, train, plane, car or walking down the street?