Monitor more than one website simultaneously with top-notch analytics

Woopra is also a real-time website analysis tool that targets customer engagement. It offers top-notch analytics that allows you to seamlessly monitor more than one website simultaneously.

Triggers & Integrations put your data into action
Leverage Woopra’s analytics and segmentation to trigger targeted events,
such as notifications to your team, emails to your customers, and more.

Retention Reports
Increase lifetime value
Do customers value your offerings enough to keep coming back? Or do they come once and never return? Retention reports enable you to know for certain.

Funnel Reports
Improve your conversion rates
Discover why you lose customers. Funnels pinpoint the weak spots in your conversion process. Find them, improve them, watch your conversions grow, and ultimately reduce your customer acquisition costs.

Endless ways to manipulate your data into actionable insight
Easily define the exact reports you want so that they deliver clear answers to your complex questions.

A behavioral profile for every visitor & customer
No more guessing what customers did on your site or app. Know how engaged each customer is, and exactly what actions they performed – all in real-time.

Insivia's Review

Woopra offers great real-time analytics with a focus on customer engagement. You can immediately tell when using Woopra, their concern is getting you the information you need, when you need it, thus explaining the layout and simplistic design which isn’t cluttered with any fancy graphs and labels. What makes Woopra stand out from the rest is that you can monitor more than one website at a time, perfect for restaurant owners affiliate marketers, and heavy PPC advertisers. 

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