Open Source shopping cart software

Open Source shopping cart software.


Power, simplicity, and customization. It’s the UltraCart way.

UltraCart + PayPal

With UltraCart, you can avoid any tedious API programming or set up. Once you have successfully completed the signup with PayPal, you simply enter the issued API information into UltraCart and you’re done. It’s that simple! PayPal with your shopping cart…

Email Marketing
Powerful custom E-Mail Marketing engine allows you to create marketing campaigns targeted to unique customer segmentsEasy to use wizard allows for quick creation of rich HTML marketing e-mail messagesCustom coupon codes allow you to give each customer a unique, single use coupon, thereby preventing coupon abuse & fraudAdvanced reporting, including e-mails viewed, links clicked, purchases made, and user opt-out requestsAutomatic reply, bounce-back, and opt-out management
Advanced Marketing
Create coupon codes for a variety of discounts, including % off, free shipping, and moreRelated items allow you to suggestive sell merchandise on your shopping cart view screenDynamic pricing allows you to change your item pricing and automatically update price images on your websiteAdvertising source tracking helps you determine which marketing efforts are working bestExtract customer information based on previous purchase criteriaAutomatic item submission to Google’s online store search engine Froogle

Insivia's Review

UltraCart is a hosted shopping cart solution with a twist. Similar to popular cloud-based carts like Big Cartel and Shopify, you won’t need to download any files to use the SaaS program. However, unlike web-hosted ecommerce solutions that enable you to build a store from the ground up as a part of your monthly fee, with UltraCart you embed “Add to Cart” or “Buy” buttons to your preexisting website in order to sell items.UltraCart integrates with several marketing services, including Constant Contact and MailChimp. You can also integrate with fulfillment services and QuickBooks, eBay, and Amazon.com. In addition, a Facebook app is offered that lets you advertise goods on the social media site. You can check out the full list of UltraCart extras over here. Great service!

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