Provides insight into logic behind your webpage's visitor's behaivors

Qualaroo creates solutions to help companies identify and capitalize on more web visitor revenue opportunities. Our solutions are customizable and adaptive to offer visitors to your website the best possible engagement experience whether they access through a desktop, tablet or mobile device.Improving the conversion performance of your website starts with understanding what your visitors want and what’s preventing them from achieving it. Qualaroo makes it easy to uncover these critical insights. Target questions to visitors anywhere on your website or in the conversion funnel. Understand the intent of their visit and the concerns and issues that are preventing them from achieving their goals.

Qualaroo Insights

2 Minute Setup: Qualaroo’s one-time code installation takes just two minutes. Just copy and past into each of your web pages and you’ll be able to target unlimited surveys to specific visitors anywhere on your website.

Target Questions: Target by time on page, number of visits, referring search term or your own internal data. You can even target visitors by using custom variables such as the number of items in a shopping cart. The right question at the right time will give you exactly the insights that you need to improve the conversion performance of your website.

Exit Surveys: The majority of visitors to websites leave without completing their desired task. Qualaroo’s exit surveys allow you to capture the real reasons that visitors aren’t converting. Qualaroo’s exit intent technology can trigger a survey just as a visitor is about to abandon a shopping cart, download page or any other page on your website. Whether it’s an unaddressed concern or a technical issue, the right insights will help you quickly make adjustments to reduce your bounce rate and increase conversions.

Intelligent Question Branching: Qualaroo Insights includes intelligent question branching so you can serve a unique follow up question based on a previous answer. For example, when a user answers that a certain feature is important for them, you can ask them why. This is like peeling back layers of an onion to get to the heart of a specific user need or issue. Understanding customers on a deeper level is essential for ensuring that your website effectively meets their needs.

Full Library of Questions: Qualaroo offers a full library of “in the moment” questions to help you ask the perfect question. You can use these questions as is, edit them or create your own questions from scratch.

Customize: Easily add your logo to Qualaroo questions and design it to look like your website or to stand out from your website.

Qualaroo Integrates with Other Critical Optimization Solutions: Insights, analytics and testing software are all essential elements for improving your conversion performance. Qualaroo integrates with many of the solutions you use to improve conversion rates. For example, Qualaroo answers can be recorded in analytics solutions like Google Analytics and KISSmetrics as events, allowing you to tie qualitative insights to actual visitor behavior. Qualaroo also integrates with Optimizely so you can gain insights about a particular test variation.

Qualaroo Convert

Uncover needs and target content/offers: Qualaroo makes it easy to uncover each visitor’s unique needs so you can serve just the right offer or content to nudge them toward a sale. You can do this through a call to action screen or automatically redirect users based on an answer.

Smoke out objections: Many visitors that fail to convert simply had a last minute objection that wasn’t addressed. With Qualaroo Convert you can automate the process of uncovering and resolving these objections.

Qualify and escalate to live chat: Not all visitors are ready to engage with a sales person. With Qualaroo Convert you can ask a couple of qualifying questions, and redirect qualified prospects to a live chat session. Qualaroo integrates seamlessly with several live chat solutions including Olark, Zopim, SnapEngage and LiveChat.

Qualify and convert with lead gen forms: With Qualaroo Convert you can ask a couple of qualifying questions and then present an offer with a lead gen.

Qualaroo for Mobile

Made for Mobile: Not another desktop survey crammed into a mobile box. Carefully constructed size, format, and interactions that put the mobile user experience first.

Adaptive: Designed to work with whatever device users visit from. Serves the right survey experience on the right device; whether smartphone, tablet, or desktop.

On-Task: Opt-in overlay surveys keep the user in-flow and on-task. No new windows here. Collect mobile feedback quickly and unobtrusively.

Features (Depending on plan level)

Insivia's Review

Known as “the king of microsurveys”, Qualaroo allows users to refine their target audience and visitors to customize survey questions that answer the specifics of what needs to be fixed. Qualaroo is very hands-off and requires minimal work after initial set-up, making your job easier. This is a great tool to gain immediate feedback from users about problems, concerns, or even what is going well about your site.

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