Helping you create the best press releases for your business

It’s a news release service that walks you through each step of the process, even supplying you with a template of what your press release should look like, what to include, and even conducts an analysis when you’re done to check for improvements before you send it out.


Simple To Use
With our intuitive template, what you see is what you get. PRWeb provides step-by-step instructions about the best way to write a headline, the ideal length of your text, how to link videos to your release, and just about everything else you might need to know.

Search Visibility Made Easy
Search engine optimization or SEO is the process of increasing traffic to your Web site through “natural” or unpaid searches. PRWeb provides an SEO-optimized press release package, tools and expertise to help you get your news in all the right places.

Unique URLs For More Impact
Using a unique URL or web address helps readers make the connection between your news and one or two critical keywords that describe your business. And it sets your news apart from your competitors.

More Awareness With Multimedia
One of the best ways to connect to your audiences is with multimedia. Embed videos, podcasts, photos and graphics into your news release. It puts a face to a name, gets attention fast, is easily shared, and it makes you stand out.

Reach Local, Regional, National Press and Prospects
With PRWeb, your news will be sent within the US and around the world. So, in addition to getting your information picked up by news outlets, you can also align it to the industries and regions that matter most to your business. We’ve got a package that will fit your needs — pick one.

Optimize Your Release For The Web.
PRWeb is committed to staying current with search marketing best practices so your news can reach a wider audience. Your release will be submitted to search engines and is equipped with social sharing features to help your news spread across the social web.

Go Social. Go Viral. Go Far.
PRWeb can help get your news onto to social networks, where customers share stories about the businesses they buy from. As the most socially-shared release service in the industry3, PRWeb is your first stop for generating extra reach and going viral through social media.

Get More Publicity With Top Media Outlets.
If securing press coverage is your aim, PRWeb’s your game. Depending on the package you choose, you can reach top media outlets like the Associated Press and leading publications like the New York Times. Our list covers everything from local to global, business press to trades, and even your hometown newspaper. With PRWeb, you can build a recognizable brand and attract new customers all while securing unbiased, third-party press coverage.

See how many times your release has been read per day. You can use this information to see what’s grabbing attention and easily correlate that back to your website visitors.

Check out the total amount of headline impressions your release receives each day. Headline impressions may include how often your headline was displayed on the PRWeb websites, Javascript and RSS feeds.

Get a bird’s eye view of all your news release activity including information on who read the entire release, who skimmed the headline, or who is interacting with your release.

Media Deliveries
Keep tabs on which media outlets have received your news. You can use this information when following up with key reporters to make sure they’ve received your announcement before you call.

Traffic Sources
Understand how people are finding your news. This report will identify the search engines people are using to find you and tell you exactly how they’re locating your release.

Referrals By Keyword
Learn which keywords are attracting the most attention for your business. Then, use that information to improve the effectiveness of both future releases and your Web site.

Referrals by Search Engine
Find out quickly where your audience found out about you. Combine this data with keyword referrals and see where your press and prospects are and what they’re interested in.

Insivia's Review

Overall, PRWeb has the unique advantage of their partnership with the Associated Press. By subscribing to the Media Visibility package, your release will be sent through AP, which then syndicates to Yahoo! News as well as the top newspapers in each of the 100 DMA’s across the US. For mainstream distribution on major channels, you can’t beat PRWeb. 

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